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Have you seen India!!! Let me show you :lol:


India is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Starting from the having the one of the oldest and richest cultures to the IT revolution which is reshaping the new and vibrant india.

Let me show you want I mean....


Amazing colors...

Relaxation and spirituality...



Best Beaches....

and the deserts as well ...

and of course the taj

Tell me about your expeience....
It's definitelly an incredible place!

I just came from a trip to India and could confirm what I already knew from other sources: India is a place of contradictions. The Land of Knowledge, as I like to address it due to its unmatched spirituality, displays the same problems we see in the more spiritually ignorant western nations. The richness of its palaces contrasts with the poverty of the majority of the population. The pacific people in India have to live side by side with an insane religious war (all wars are insane, anyway). But, still, what impresses us most is the commitment India seems to have made to keep alive the spiritual knowledge necessary to rescue mankind from its own ignorance. I'm not talking about any specific religion. I'm talking about an ancient science that encompasses every possible branch of knowledge and, under the guidance of enlightened masters, teaches mankind the fastest path to prosperity. This is the Vedic Science and the enlightened masters come mostly from India. That is the greatest gift India has to offer to the rest of the world. But even its people don't seem to fully realize that.

We are all be in debt with India for the world not having collapsed.

I don't have the pictures on me right now, but I'll post here later some pictures I took there.
I am lucky enough to be half Indian, the other half being white. My father is from Andhra Pradesh. I have been to Hyderabad, Delhi, and Agra. Whenever I have the opportunity to go to India, I will go!
I promissed to place some pictures, but I don't quite know how to do it. I thought I could copy and paste it in my post, but apparently I would need the photos to be hosted somewhere in the internet, which is not the case. Sorry for that. When I have a URL for the pictures or when I learn how to post them otherwise, I'll come back to this post. (by the way, any help to do it otherwise is wellcome).
Hey guys want to see more green pictures of india just go
this is the place near Pune and it is so serene and silent and green and fresh that whenever i visit the place it takes sunset to gather myself and return to home.
And the season to visit it is june to november
Ghost Rider103
Yeah it's got some nice places to visit. But so does every other country.

It is beautiful, but I don't see anything spectacular about it.
India is as diverse as possible a country..
indeed, India has great landmarks and its culture is a rich one. great pics by the way. I have some Indian friends and they are always talking about how beautiful India is. They would also be telling me some stories about its culture too. really interesting I have to say!
Nice country. Very interesting culture and nice places to visit.
I'd love to visit India. The culture is very rich, it would be a dream to just spend a few days walking around just taking photos.
It is a lovely place, I like to travel too, mostly in north america, some asia, some europe,
I have been in enlgish and I love it, good place to live, I haven't visit India, I think it is vey hot there,
may be some day i will go and see.
I am a proud indian ...Its really nice to see posts by many people about my nation and Its gives me gr8 joy nd happiness to read your review's ... Though we ar very rich in culture and other gr8 social events..we are ruled by worst politicians and they exploit us by the name of religion...
Thanks a lot for showing India Smile
I am a photographer and seen more if india that meets the eye...
you can view more pics of india at:
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