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Rig of the Month (March)

Well, I get asked all the time what parts to buy for someones sweet gaming rig that they are thinking about buying. So here is a place to make list what is the current best system setup to get. And if able I will update this list monthly due to the fact of new and better hardware releases, and price changes. Any input is welcome as I don't have the time or intrest to fully research the hardware market each month.

Listed are 3 different systems based on price. The Starter (~$800) is the bare bones system for the man on a thirfty budget, who just wants to play his Counter-Strike Source, and maybe upgrade in the future. Mid-Range for the avgerage gamer who wants to play everything at near max settings, but not waste money on all bells and whistles. Dream ($3,000+)The best possible setup that is able to fit in a standard ATX Case. Price are from

The Starter: Total as listed $750 w/o shipping or tax or OSThe Mid-Range: Total as listed $1,370 w/o Shipping, Tax, or OSMore to come...
How about for AMDs ??
Arno v. Lumig
Ucbet wrote:
How about for AMDs ??

They're less "bang for the buck" in this price range. They're great for cheap systems though. I recently "upgraded" my computer with a new mobo, cpu, and RAM and I got this for around €160,-:

AMD Athlon64 X2 4400+ EE
2x 1GB Kingston RAM 800MHz 4-4-4-?? CAS

You can't do that with Intel Very Happy
The new quad cores Penyns are out and so I think they might be a better option. When AMD has a good option I will put them in the List. Any other notes/changes?
Apirl is coming up, do you think I should change any thing? I was thinking that a new quad core QX9550 whould be better then the Wolfendale.
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