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New Banner

Im in need of a new more "New Age Graphic" style banner heres my current banner
I just need it to say "[CD] Cyber Disciples" Thanks in advance
Im guessing no one wants to have a try at this?
The frih$ can attract people Wink
oh yea well obviously since i posted it in the market i planned on paying Wink i dont offer a price upon request since sometimes the quality is better then expected and i pay more Twisted Evil
How many frih$ does someone want to complete this request? I will pay very generous Very Happy i just need this banner done fairly soon if possible. We can discuss the price to your liking. Thanks again.
I will try something in the next days.

Edit: But I will need more informations. Same size? Same colors? Same type.. Gradient background or with Brush (like your current banner)? Give me as much infos as you can, the more you give me, the better the results will be.
hmm... well it deff needs to be around the same width, doesnt have to be exactly the same size tho it can be a little bit bigger if it would make it look better height doesnt matter much. Colors dont matter either any colors you want to throw in there to make it look good is fine with me Smile just try to give it that dark destructive feel since its for a online gang that i own. Im not sure about the types to tell you the truth i dont know much about the types of graphics and whatnot as long as it has that more web 2.0 feel to it and looks better then the one i have ill be happy Wink Price is not an issue either ill pay very generous for the extra quality and thanks!
Ok, thanks for the informations. I will probably try tomorrow but I have some exams and I must finish Half-Life 2 Episode One these days but I will try, if it's urgent just tell me and I'll do it asap Wink
No worries its not too urgent id rather you take you time and it come out better then to rush you Wink just take your time let me know when you come up with something and what ever your price Smile i might even throw in a nice little bonus as well Twisted Evil lol Thanks again!
There you go.

.psd available.

If you need anything else (modifications, more colors choice (yellow?), etc) please ask.
Thats cool man i like them alot i was hoping to have more of that high tech new age feel to them a little bit but they turned out damn good thanks a lot i appreciate your help a lot! Just let me know how much you want for them and ill send it right over! Very Happy
Give me what you want, I don't really care Wink
Well i don't want to insult you by sending you something lower then what you expected lol. Ill go ahead and send something your way and just let me know if you want more. I don't mind at all frih$ mean nothing to me so just let me know if its fair or not Very Happy

Also anyone else who wants to try creating this banner for me i would appreciate it as well, just let me know your price. I actually need as many of these banners as i can get since they will be put on a rotation. The more the better, thanks again!
What you gave me is perfect. Thank you. If you want something more "web 2.0" I got another banner for you but after reading your request twice I thought you really wanted this "dark" style so I made a new one. I'm gonna finish it and when it's ready I edit this post. Wink
Alright GREAT! i cant wait to see what else you got up your sleeve Wink Everyone seems to love the new banners you created more then my old one so id say you did a damn good job. I am also very happy that you created 3 different colored ones since i put them in a banner rotator it gives us more banners to view. Well when you get the new one done just let me know and ill throw you some more frih$ i cant wait!
More version of the first banner for your rotation :

The new ones :

To be honest I don't really like them so use them for free if you still love them..! And I can of course make you the same but with differents colors.

Anyways, I'm kinda tired so good night Wink
Hmm... you think you might be able to do something for a banner thats hacker related i mean that has somewhat of the hacker theme and feel to it? The gang that i am doing this banner for is for an online game that i play which is about hacking so it would be nice to have a hacking style banner for it. Unfortunately i don't have any images to use in it or anything other then this background i use I wish i could find more images and better ones to use in it as well Sad

maybe something like this Razz ?

I'll try
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