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Nokia N73 Music Edition

Do any of you own it/have owned it?

I'm planning on buying it and wanted to know what you think.

Is it worth the money, full with features, etc.?
My friend has the N73 ME, and he really likes it.
I guess it really depends on what you're looking in a phone. First, I must mention the N73 is a great smartphone - it has alot of different functions that are quite handy (can't really remember which exactly, but I know they're in it), it has a great great camera and flash, and the music and speaker quality are just stunning. It has Symbian as an operating system, which is awesome, since you can install all kinds of handy applications that you'll easily find on the internet for free.
The main complaint I got from my friend and other N73 (regular and ME) owners is that it's interface is a little slow, and tends to stuck, and the battery isn't really long-lasting since it has all of these features.

Overall and IMO, I guess it's a great phone and will answer almost all your needs. If you get it for a decent price, you definitely must get it.

Hope I helped.
Here's a site I always use for mobile phone reviews:

Might help you Smile
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