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Indian Premier League site Launched using Joomla

hi guys i have launched a site dedicated to IPl on

Check it out and give me some feedback
There is nothing to really comment on.

You are using a template which is fine if a little broing and you need to change the header image from the templates standard one.

Look for some more interesting templates then post it again.
thank you for repling the site is under construction currently
I agree, nothing really to comment on. You have a banner right in the middle that can seriously be moved somewhere else. Add some spacing to your images so they don't squash right next to the text. Also, what is with your images? They look stretched and unprofessional. You might want to refine it some more.

I also have to question some of your color choices; using light gray on a white background is a really bad idea in terms of accessibility. You might want to think about using a more contrasting color so people aren't forced to highlight whatever you wrote in order to read it clearly.
it's presently 404 ... unable to see it Sad
Yes insanity I thats the biggest problem I am facing. How to get professional quality images? I largely depend on the images that are presented on other news sites.

And as far as color combination is concerned I am working on it.

Hey you can also visit
and comment on the same I liked your comments they were really helpful. Thank you
Hey mann..Both the links that you gave are not working...Please repost the links...Wish to see your site soon..
I think the server was down when u checked them out they are perfectly fine and working.
nice... but pls change the header graphics (get somebody in the market place to do it for you, if you dont know photoshop) , and throw in some more content, keep it fresh.... (like the fact that hopes was auctioned for only $3,00,00 Twisted Evil )

but on the other hand... the site is quite good, and yea the scoreboard thing rocked
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