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Any Steeler fans

Steelers signed big ben for 8 years...locked him up as steeler> Very Happy
I hope that works out for them. He's no Terry Bradshaw we will just have to hope that he wasnt permantely injured by the motorcycle crash, he's just never been the same since then, other than that he has that Farve'ish grit that can be built upon.

And he has the fans on his side already and thats a good thing.
I think that both Ben and Pittsburgh made the right move here. It's becoming more and more unusual in any team sport to find a player willing to stay with one team for the duration of their career, and a team willing to lay down the money to make it happen. I think that Big Ben has been a huge shot in the arm for the Steelers, with the kind of on- and off-field charisma that Terry Bradshaw had back in the 70's.

The Steelers have a history of making long-term commitments. Until Bill Cowher's departure, the Steelers had exactly 2 head coaches over the previous 40 years. Terry Bradshaw was with the team for over a dozen seasons; Franco Harris - 12 seasons; Mean Joe Grene, Rocky Bleier, Jack Ham, Lynn Swan - all played for the Steelers for the entirety of their (lengthy and very successful) pro careers.

Ultimately, I think that's what makes a team great - not cherry-picking the best talent available at the time and trying to make it all fit together (NYY, anyone?); rather building a core group that understands how each other works best, and letting them grow together.

I see big things for Pittsburgh in the coming years with Big Ben at the helm... as long as he stays off the motorcycles. Laughing
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