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Heroscape Tabletop Game

Hey all,

I bought this game on a whim when I had a gift card for Toys R Us. Boy am I glad I went through with the purchase...

I had been itching to try out a miniatures game and didn't really want to have to paint figures, which was something that kept me from trying more hardcore games (Warhammer 40K), plus I wasn't yet ready to spend a ton of money buying booster packs with random figures (Heroclix). So when this game went on sale for 20 dollars I jumped on it: the figures came pre-painted and if I wanted more I could just buy booster packs and expansions which told you exactly what you would be getting (no wasting money hoping to get that "rare" figure).

The variety of the figures is impressive. In this set alone you have an elf, a squad of WWII soldiers, a Dragon, an Orc riding a dino Razz, weird self-cloning aliens, robots, Matrix-like agents, a party of Vikings, a Valkyrie, and I'm probably missing some. Even though the only license the game system has is Marvel (Marvel Heroscape, sold separately), it looks like the variety will keep me entertained and not envying Heroclix's multiple licenses (DC, Marvel, Hellboy).

Another interesting aspect of the game is terrain. The game has terrain tiles which you interlock to create a battlefield. Although it takes some time to build a battlefield (15-20 minutes), there are normally multiple scenarios you can play on it, and it really DOES make it more fun to see your figures fight on a battlefield instead of a plain table. Just be sure to see what scenarios are available for each battlefield to suit your needs before you build it.

The game seems balanced, giving each unit a # of points and giving a point cap for each army. It's accessible enough, you'll need a game or two to get the hang of it but you'll have fun doing it.

Everything you need comes in the box, and it's so packed that you'll have a hard time putting it back in. I recommend having 4 people playing (the more the merrier) and there are enough figures to go around.

Expansions include Roman soldiers, treefolk, yetis, colonial-era minutemen, cowboys, and knights, among others. Hasbro is still supporting this game system so I'm sure there will be even more variety over time. Here's hoping they release historical warlord figures (Alexander The Great, Napoleon, Genghis Khan).

Keep it real...
I bought this game as well. Either though some maps, can take forever to set up (even longer to cram it back into the darn bow!) it really is a fun game. I didn't even know there was a Marvel version of Heroscape! I might have to try that out some time.
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