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Windows Vista and Priacy

As Microsoft readies the next version of its Windows operating system, called Vista, the software giant is building in unprecedented levels of safeguards against video piracy.
For the first time, the Windows operating system will wall off some audio and video processes almost completely from users and outside programmers, in hopes of making them harder for hackers to reach. The company is establishing digital security checks that could even shut off a computer's connections to some monitors or televisions if antipiracy procedures that stop high-quality video copying aren't in place.

Ran into this while lurking looks like MS has took Priacy protectionn to the next level. So all you Pirates out there think twiced for installing Windows Vista Casue from the looks of it they are getting tough. But then again who can blame them casue Prates are killing alot of the market by releaseing and sharing info on the net befroe or at the same time it is released for sell. Then on the other hand some of the software prices these days are CRAZY. can't help it when people get greedy. greed will and does control amost everyone at one point and time.[/quote]
Well, I'm not a pirate but things like that make me feel like we have lost our freedom. They will not stop the real pirates, but will make it very hard for us to do legit stuff on our own computers. the day is coming when you have to ask (the powers that be) for permission to do things like copy a cd. Want a backup? gota encript it. reinstall windows? you cannot decript it!!! It is amazing to see how far a software giant will/can go. Lets go back to the time when criminals were criminals and good people had a choice, and good ideals. I'm not a criminal, so why am I in prison?
Fair enough if they put in protection against piracy of their own software etc, but when they start effectively 'filtering' what content you can use on your OWN computer then its just getting rediculious. I think the general trend in video/movie piracy is that most ppl (not the mass producers who go on to make actual dvd discs and sell them for money) but just normal ppl who download for their own use, arent killing any market. Its a bit like quality control, you download a movie to see if its any good, if its not good, you dont go pay outragious prices to go see it at the cinema, if you like it you will go see it on the big screen. It just so happens theres been a kind of lul in the movie market at the same time piracy on a large scale has came about. GOOD movies are getting harder n harder to come by these days, the movie studios just aint producing the stuff they used to.
Microsoft ALWAYS has holes. Theres no need to worry about that.

Things may be harder to pirate, but still possible.
Hmm .. even with all that, I doubt there'd ever be an 'un-hackable' program. They could make it as difficult as possible .. but somewhere out there is a nut crazy enough to crack whatever MS or any company would create, just because they can. Kinda sad .. but that's how it is I guess.
( my excuses for the bad English )

Microsoft develops a product...
... hackers find a weakness...
... they use it ...

Security never is..."complete", there are a lot of things which are not discovered yet, waiting to be used by hackers.

James Smile
Well, Ill find a way, I cant waste a dollar a song on Itunes and stuff like that
Slammer wrote: download a movie to see if its any good, if its not good, you dont go pay outragious prices to go see it at the cinema, if you like it you will go see it on the big screen.
I dunno about you, but where I live the movies are released on DVD some months after it's gone off the cinemas, so downloading them (I wouldn't download a cam release... Razz ) is a bit pointless from that aspect.

On the other hand (while on the subject) I have downloaded one album of a band to check them out. (Yes, one whole album).. Turned out I liked them so much, I now own 6 or 7 albums by that band (including the one I downloaded).. So yeah, I don't think pirates are to blame for "lost income" really, but rather the industry that charges way too much for the products..
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