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Enchanted is a romantic, charming and funny fairytale. A mix between Cinderella and Kate & Leopold. You should really see it if you like disney and chick flicks :) Or take your girl friend to see it :)
The fact that everyone calls this a chick flick makes me more embarrassed at having gone to see it... I thought it was a good movie. Sad
i am about to see it today.......... but your posts have already created a bad impression... lets see........i wish its nota time crapper....
its a beautiful movie. the girls made me watch the movie with them Sad cant help but watch.
I actually enjoyed watching this movie when I saw it with my girlfriend.

Though, I really miss the 2D animation that Disney use to make. 2D animation is not dead. Maybe they forgot that it prints money for them. =(
I'm always slow on watching the newest movies, so I'll probably not see it before it comes on DVD, but I think it will be a good movie. I dont care if it is a girl movie, no mater what genre it is in as long as its a good movie Ill like it.
awww........... what crap this movie was.......... i have never seen such a slow movie in my life......... and then there were songs like hindi movies have in them.... hahahah crap
aw I loved this movie! I think it was REALLY cute - this is one of the movies to see if you're looking for something just enjoyable to watch after dinner or just hanging out with friends.
I've heard it's a romantic funny comedy and I must see it.

I loved Kate and Leopold and if it's like that I sure must see it.
It was such a cute and lovely movie... And Patrick Dempsey plays in it Very Happy
Cute romantic movie. I like it a lot. I watched it with my little sister; we were both enchanted by the cheer loveliness of the songs and good feelings of the movie.. really enjoyable. Very Happy girls will love it Wink I watched the french version of the movie and I found that the songs in french are more beautiful. I'm still a child at heart Very Happy. I think it was the sincerity of feelings of the two main propagonists which make the movie interesting and of course, the songs (their lyrics are nice too).
Personally, I thought that Enchanted was a little more mature than people give it credit for. Favorite part? Amy Adams performance when Giselle first feels anger (and an arguable moment of sexual awakening). I saw that and was like "WOAH, am I the only one that noticed that?"

James Marsden impresses me with each and every movie I see him in. He was alright in the X-Men movies, more sympathetic than I'd ever seen Cyclops as. Then, SO talented in Hairspray, a movie I hadn't expected to like that much. And now he can pull off Rom Com leading man roles like 27 dresses, and his absolutely transcendent Prince Edward.

Does anyone else know that James sang on the "That's Amore" track in the movie? Wink Cuz I frickin' flipped when I found that out.
I thought the movie was great. I also love how there are little "shout outs" to Disney throughout the movie, like "A Whole New World" playing in the background, as well as the woman who did the voice of Ariel in the Little Mermaid who makes a small cameo appearance.

Plus, as an avid Grey's Anatomy fan, I really liked Patrick Demsey. I think Made of Honor is going to be really fun.
At first I wasn't interested with the film at all. At the beginning, I thought it would be boring. But as I watched, I began to enjoy. It was really really cute. I love the film.
Great Movie! Love the songs! Love the 2D animations, hope they make more of that!
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