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Increasing traffic to blogs

Hello evryone,
I have started blogging recently but i don't find many visitors on my blog... Does anyone here know ways to increase traffic to a blog... I have tried submitting the blog url to yahoo and google.. but still nothing works for me... The trafffic is very low. I have also included google ads on my blog and the response to the ads program is also very bad.. Does anyone know ways to increase the clicks to the ads.. One way i read was to improve the content of the blog which i did.All the ads which come now are relevant ads.. but still i get very less click.. If anyone knows or wants to share his suggestions or experiences please do reply.. Thanks..
You can't expect to have your ADs clicked while you have no visitors. Some ways are stated below:
- Use Safelists: They are web sites where users subscribe to send and receive emails from other members. Some of these lists are free and others are not.

- make a signature... Like this forums' user signature, make to include your blog's address. Also you can do the same for your emails.

- Exchange banners, You can exchange banners with other sites.

- Tell your friends about your site. You can't imagine what a word of mouth can do or how it can spread.

These of course are some basic and the easiest yet the slowest ways to bring users and visitors to your site though they can help...

Also try searching this forum, as i believe that you may find hundreds of topics about it...

Good luck
As TrueFact pointed, the best way to promote a new blog is telling your friends to access it. Ask them to make sure that everybody knows about it!

I would suggest you to try to write really interesting, not too short neither too long articles on all topics you know the best. After some time, your top-quality, exclusive content will pop up on search engine results and new readers will appear.

In the mean time, prepare your blog for them. Select the most beautiful theme/design and put some useful things on its sidebar (like a list of your best posts and bookmark/feed buttons). If you use FeedBurner, you can also put a link that will make it possible for people to receive email messages when you post something.
wait and take ur own time. in the mean time also try to submit it in the major blog directories and social bookmarking site.
carl_fernandes, you did not paste your URL on this thread. I've noticed you didn't add it to your signature either.

Hurry up, you are losing potential readers!
Try these two things :
1) Make friends with other bloggers. Link to other bloggers articles in your blog (link love) and they may also link back to you.
2) Write really good quality articles and submit it to sites like stumbleupon, reddit, digg and mixx.
I'm still waiting the address of his blog... :'(
You need to work little hard on seo when it comes to blog. use all methods like social bookmarking sites, networking sites like MySpace / Facebook to promote your blog also forums too.
dude_xyx wrote:
You need to work little hard on seo when it comes to blog. use all methods like social bookmarking sites, networking sites like MySpace / Facebook to promote your blog also forums too.

I've read surprising testimonials of traffic increase via social bookmarketing sites.
escritor wrote:
I'm still waiting the address of his blog... :'(

Hey sorry for the long delay.. was not active for a long time.. here is the address of my blog...
Finally. Very Happy Now everybody may check it. Smile

Couldn't you choose another design? That one is the most boring I've ever seen at Blogger. Razz I don't know, maybe it's a personal thing, but I don't like it when I see that layout.
U really cant expect hundreds of visitors pouring into your personal blog with sentences like "Hey folks... any roadies fans here... "

Dude, convert it into a more professional blog, a tip for you, there are millions of indians movie goers who search the net for reviews about a movie, so if you have a review site, make it really professional... people will be pouring in...

And to preserve professionalism:
Change design
Change address (hop onto frihost, so in future if you want a TLD you can do it easily)
Write content more professionally, write more content... (about 15-20 movies are released every month in bollywood, write about atleast 10...)
Taxonomy please...
Swizzy: he hasn't updated Friday Movie Review since 9th March. I think he gave up. Sad
If you are looking for some immediate traffic I would refer following:

1. Register and post your site link in >>>>>LinkRererral<<<<< : Immediately you'll start getting some visits from there!

2. Register and earn some NP$ in >>>>NamePros<<<<. You can spend this NP$ to buy visitors or spend it in NP$ Incentives in a way that you'll get visitors

3. Do yourself and ask somebody to bookmark your site in >>>>StumbleUpon<<<<. You'll start finding some people visiting your site.

There might be many more but these are what I tested and doing apart from SEO.
shkhanal: I don't want to "buy" readers. I prefer to gain their consistent readership with my texts.
consistent readership is a gradual process. Quality content and long age automatically develop it, but I was talking about immediate traffic.
^Social bookmarking sites are free and boost traffic immediately. Smile I have about 600 pageviews from a "social blog directory" of my country when I post a link of mine there. If it generates so much, guess about the big international ones.
Find related blogs and post helpful comments, help that blogger in the discussion area of their own blog. Make sure to include a signature to your site.

If you gain a relationship with them, they will probably help promote your blog.
^Probably... but in my case it's not always true. :p I help a lot of people and I seldom get backlinks from them.
truefact have a good suggesion i think link exchange is a good way to make more visitor
To get Visitors to your blog you need good page rank. To Get good page rank you need back links to your blog. i personally suggest you the following ways to get back links to your blogs

1. Add your url in all Signatures like e-mail/forums etc
2. You can exchange relavant links from websites related to your blogs. Here i would like to refer a site names linkmetro ( to get automated this process
3. you can get links from some blog directory sites like

Hope this will be helpful to you.

^ Thank you for the list. Smile I'm adding my address to BlogCatalog right now.
escritor wrote:
^ Thank you for the list. Smile I'm adding my address to BlogCatalog right now.

You can also try writing articles and posting them on article sites.

Or writing guest blog appearances, that link back to your blog. Or joining group blogs and doing the occassional posting.

Hope that helps.
I am building a site about how to make money with blogs... but it will not be free...
^ There are hundreds of such sites. Are there still people fool enough to buy such stuff?
escritor wrote:
^ There are hundreds of such sites. Are there still people fool enough to buy such stuff?
yes... BTW I added your site on mine... I send you and email through the form on your site...
yous link is on my:
The best ways to get traffic is to use all of the techniques suggested in this thread. I think gaining web traffic is a never ending struggle, and always will be. From PPC, SEO to simple viral widgets, new strategies and even free alternatives must be implemented every now and then.
Currently I'm using a national Digg-like site to promote my best posts. When they accept them, it brings me 10 times more visitors than usual. Check your local directories too. Wink

You can check this little tips :

There is a lot of great information on here, too much almost. I think my head is going to explode. Which are the best links of the ones suggested on here?

Thank you Brick wall
amgoodwater, instead of spending so much time reading about it, focus on your blog. Smile The nicer posts you have, the more clicks you'll receive.
Thanks, escritor, that sounds like good advice Smile
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