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I'm just not ready to say goodbye.

Hey guys, so it's that time of the millennium when I freak out because I know it's almost over.
My computer has been acting up over the last 4 month's and it's getting bad.
First it was Ram, then my burner, and most recently my GPU.

Anyways, I have had my current GPU for about 2 month's and over the last 3 weeks I have been getting the nvidia "Underpowered GPU" messages.

Played around with the connection, tried different cables from my PSX.
Tried unhooking just about everything from my PSX and strictly giving power to my HD,GPU and CPU to see if it would cause a change.

My card keeps cooking. Now today it got real bad. I got an onslaught of error's from Nvidia monitoring software.
To the point where I was wondering if I just had a virus.
So no Virus, just a hot graphic card.

Tried using Speedfan and nTune to get some reading's and she's running @ 68-75 Celsius.

Hot shit.

Now if my PSX is giving what looks to be prover voltage/power to the rest of my system components
Does that rule out the PSX?

The fan sensor's tell me my GPU has 2 fan's and 1 is "ambient".

I don't know if that's just mis-reading what my GPU actually contains or if one is actually shot.

The 2nd one, the one that's working, is running @ about 3000 RPM.

At the moment I really can't afford to just go buy a new computer so I would really appreciate some help troubleshooting this.

Thanks for reading


Here's my spec's

Xp Pro SP 2

AMD 64 bit @ 1.8ghz


DDR 512mb x 2


NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GS
About the heating issue:
First of all check the fan on the video card's radiator (open the case, see if it's spinning fast enough) If it's not working, that might be the problem.
If it's working, and your card is still overheating, simply get new cooling. They aren't that hard to install nowadays. There's no magic solution for heating. The best way to solve this is to buy a new heatsink.
The 'ambient' thingy is the name of the sensor. This heat sensor is placed in a way that it measures temperature of the air around the GPU. The other sensor probably measures the temperature on the unit itself.

About the power issues:
Can you please write down the specifications of your power supply? (When you open the case, you'll see them right away)
I guess you had a different card, and then you upgraded to 7600GS... maybe the power supply unit isn't powerful enough for this card? To determine that we'll need your PSU specifications.

Last advice, upgrade drivers and BIOS. Usually the newer version of the BIOS has better and more efficient way of calculating the measured data. That way your driver will get more precise information regarding the temperatures and fan speeds. To update your bios, go to your motherboard's website, and you'll find the software there.
Maker: Raidmax

Model # : Ky-520ATX

It says 420W on one part and the model # seems to imply more.

I guess it's been so long since I've actually changed components in my computer that i didn't realize a 420W power supply is not enough?

Here is a full list of components for my PC.

Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 60GB x1 (I use 2 big external's, i assume that has nothing to do with my psx since they have independant PSs?)

A dvd-burner (Can't remember the make and Belarc just gave me a model # that comes up with no hits on google)

A pci firewire card (that i basically don't use)

Pci Network card (that i don't use either)

And of course the trouble maker, my graphic card.

So seems 420 should be more then enough?
Oh, and if you do think it's the PS for sure.

How's this ?
Did you check the GPU fan and see if it's still running at normal speed or has slowed down or even worse stop running due to dust build up? Clearning all the dust build up will help especially with the overheating you are experiencing now.. more dust will be attracted to your unit. An easy fix to your overheating problems is to direct a table fan to your opened CPU casing. Else you can try installing a fan facing your GPU card with a little modifications and attach it to the PCI screw slots.
Well you can still fight it, but I would it is way past upgrading time. Time to be a new system. Some parts just don't last forever. The little fans, only keep working for a max of 3 years. Computers just arn't built to last.
"Computers just arn't built to last."
I'm wondering how this can be possible, really.
I see that on my computer an d I'm asking myself: Hey dude, two years ago you were very happy with it! Now you use the same softwares but it seems that it's running slow.
It is me or really the computers are getting old?
And if the answer is "they are getting old"... how can this be possible?? A processor who are running slower... it is me (my expectations are too high) or it's "him"???
Beside all of that, the actual hardware, like the ball barings of the little fan on you cpu has a set l;ife. They wear out after just a few years.
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