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So what movies did you hate?

lol, I just thought of this. So, have you ever gone to a movie at the theatre and realised you hated what you were watching or just plain hated a movie you were watching with friends or by yourself?

For me, the only movie at a cinema I really wanted to walk out of was 'Hero'. Some guys told me it was fantastic so I was looking forward to it. But it was just crap. Pointlessly long fight scenes where no one gets hurt that defy the laws of physics and an excruciatingly long story which kept going back and forth. Watched the whole thing but didn't like it, which was weird because I love movies in that genre.

Other ones would be A Sound of Thunder, which I rented on dvd. That just sucked.
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The movie i hated the most was 'Date movie'
bee movie

and saw IV
Lady in the Water was awful! I expected a magical fairytale, but instead, got a stupid movie around a stupid boring appartment building. About some dangerous animals wanting to kill a woman in the pool.

On dvd, the worst movie must be Maximum overdrive, about some trucks possessed by something from space. Driving around, killing people, for several days.
I have to agree: Sound of Thunder was absolutely terrible.

Also up there on the crap-list: Impostor. Blade Runner had already been made decades before, why was this sorry remake even allowed, and how did almost-quality talent get suckered into it?

The bottom of the barrell, however, is a fantasy movie called Lord Protector. It seems to be a filming of a bunch of 38 year olds playing an ad-libbed session of D&D. Just when you think the movie hits a new low, you realize that the movie is still going, and there is still more dreggs left. I would recommend anyone to rent this; it is so bad, you HAVE TO SEE IT. Anything else is just an imitation on the crap-scale.
Rise.... one of the worst movies I have ever seen
Dragon Wars hands down
bee movie was bad...the ring was terible too...
all kinds of anime movies are not for me too.
The worst movie adaption of a book in my opinion was Eragon. It was way to fast paced to make sense to my parents, and it seemed to take the whole concept out of context. The portrayal of Arya was horrible. She seemed too 'Arwin-ish' than just Arya. And Eragon being 17?!? That's just not right.
I just watched "JUMPER" and was really dissapointed...what a boring piece of crap Evil or Very Mad
I don't go to movie theaters only because I am a little Germophobic. I am not as bad as the character on the TV show Monk. I just don't go into area where crowds are & I don't use public bathrooms. My favorite disinfecting product is LYSOL! They also have mini on the go pocket size bottles.
Epic Movie and Meet the Spartans.

I cannot explain in words how agonisingly, horrifically terrible these films are...
if there is one movie i hate, its D-Wars
i downloaded it out of curiosity and it was yuck!!
all the movies that the americans trying to remake from asian films are terrible..

like example..
The Eye
The Ring
and many more

Im not sure if the message is clear but asian thriller/ghost movies are done much better than the westerns.. cos they made it more chilly and spooky..

westerns are only good for sci fi/ fantasy movies since they got the package to make a good one, for asians, haha, i don think they could do it..
Alexander (2004) <>

Wow, this movie is BAAAAAAAAAAAAAD

Don't even think of going (or) renting this movie.
cavey wrote:
Lady in the Water was awful! I expected a magical fairytale, but instead, got a stupid movie around a stupid boring appartment building. About some dangerous animals wanting to kill a woman in the pool.

I so have to agree with this. I watched it cause I thought it was interesting and I ended up wasting my time. My friends and I were talking about awful movies just last week and this was the first thing that popped into our minds. Lady in the Water is so disappointing.
It's been a while since I've actually be inside a theatre and hated a movie. Way back I think the movie was called the shadow or something... HATED that movie.
"dungeons and dragons". worst cg and acting ever.
I've seen quite a few movies that are either mundane and geared toward the socially inept or are completely stereotypical/unrealistic/unengaging pieces of fodder.
Of course, being a script writer and former director/producer myself, I've a heightened awareness for such things.

The worst thing I've seen recently was a rental by the name of The Headless Horseman. I could not even tell you the purpose or ending of the movie because the entire thing ran so slowly and idiotically that it was painful for us to watch six teenagers driving cross-state to a kegger somewhere in middle america where the legend of sleepyhollow is considered true.

My boyfriend isn't half the critic I am, although ironically I met him via filming one of my state-winning skillsUSA promos for his auto class... and basically he got so fed up with it that he marched up and shut it off.

On the subject of Lady In the Water and most of M. Night Shamaylan's works- I and my parents were once DIE-HARD fans of his. Sixth Sense? Fantastic! Signs? Eh okay... The Village? Not really great after the first 2 times... and that one cop drama he did was "okay."

Lady in the Water, however, made my mother and I begin to boycott Shamaylan. Now, I will not purchase any of his works nor will I pay to see them in theatres. In general, I don't see them at all. The happening? It looked okay until I saw his name on it. And PART of what ticked us off so badly was the fact that the damn narcissistic man made his character essentially the "savior of mankind."

After that- what's he going to make himself in The Happening? God?
I am NOT a spice girls fan. I hate the spice girls loathe them so no i didn't on purpose watch this

anyway one day i was flicking the tv channels and then there was this scene with a bus painted with a unon jack and 5 bimbos inside and I thought what the heck - soon it dawned on me that this was the famous 'spice girls movie' aha.

Now common sense would dictate that I switch channels, but something compelled me to keep watching it for the same reason you have to look at a motorway accident, even though you know you shouldn't etc etc - and gradually it dawned on me that that I was watching history in the making (ok well not really it was on tv and probably a repeat) in that I was witnessing the worst movie of all time -

something I can tell my grandchildren and all of that.
Final Destination 2!!! Piece of crap that one is! Oh, and Bats was bad too... although I'm not sure I could say I HATED it...
I am usually careful with selection of movies, but yes quite often land with something on TV and then find myself watching a not so good show. More often though my disappointments have been with favourite actors who seem to choose less than good movies. For example Wesley Snipes. Some of his movies really wowed me. I loved Passenger57, a typical plane hijacking movie, but excellent show. US Marshalls was equally good, but since then his movie selections have not been as good. The Art of War was slapstick. 7 seconds a yawn. The Marksman slightly better, but still a far fetch from his first good movies. Just proves to me that a movie is so much more than the actor.
"Driving Miss Daisy" for me - found that incredibly slow and boring. Coming up close in 2nd and thrid place were "The English Patient" and "The colour purple".

If you suffer with insomnia, try watching one of these titles in bed!!! Shocked
Epic Movie - not even one good joke, bad costumes, actors and the plot didn't make sense. Date Movie is a master piece comparing to Epic Movie Very Happy
Loveless in Los Angeles ought to be the worst movie i have seen in the recent times. yuckkkk Mad Rolling Eyes
Definitely some crappy pathetic romances or those teen movies...
99 times out of 100 i will watch a movie to the end no matter how bad it is, however 3 stick out in my mind as films i have a) Fell asleep in the theater and b)actually bothered to turn off even after spending a small fortune to hire/buy the bloody things. And, to prove how bad these films are for the record i am a bit of a Trekky as well as a huge comic book hero fans. So my joint winner for worst movie ever is:

Star Trek: Nemesis
The Incredible Hulk (2003)
Double Jeopardy
Not really "hate" but I surely didn't like The Godfather and Memoirs of a Geisha. I have copies of these movies on home video but I chose not to finish watching them, I got bored. Maybe not just my kind of films to see. Smile
I really hate the Aviator. I know it was an oscar winner but my god, it's so damm boring.
I've never walked out of a cinema but it was very close on "Blair Witch Project". What a turkey! We laughed at the ridiculousness of the whole thing. Not scary, no real script, shaky camera work, hopefully they died!!
I can't even see where the tiny budget was spent, larking about in a tent ..... I'm sure it made plenty of money but it should've bombed.
There was far too much hype for this one. The Hype machine seems to translate into a box-office smash.

Still scary to this day is that part in Salem's Lot, I can never remember not to jump.... gets me every time
Meet Dave didn't last more than 3 days in the theater I work in. I saw bits and pieces but was horrible from what I heard from the customers.

As for something I saw myself, The Strangers was a HORRIBLE movie. My buddy and I laughed throughout the whole movie. I believe the next "Scary Movie" type movie will definitely have this movie in it. It just didn't seem scary, or real in my opinion.
Look at this list of IMDb:

The 100 worst movies of all times...According to IMDb.

By the way, Star Trek Nemesis wasn't bad, why you hate it?
I have seen a lot of movies in my time and I actually like B movies. But I have to agree with some of my fellow posters. M. Night Shyamalan movies have been in my "Damn that sucked A#$" category a lot. Here are a few of my "Sucked category in no specific order:

The Village
Superman Returns
Batman & Robin
Dan in Real Life
Lady in the Water
Battlefield Earth
movies I hated:

gangs of new york
happily ever after
kate and leopold
The Seeker -- The Darkness Is Rising

The movie was okay, but when I read the first two books of the series, then I realized that the movie was done rather poorly.

Also, I really expected more out of Eragon. I loved the book, but was dissapointed and how the movie turned out. It could have been much better and followed the book decently, if they really wanted to.
Most definitely Meet The Spartans but also Shrek the Third.

We have Shrek the Third on DVD (courtesy of the $1 per DVD Columbia House deal), but I haven't watched it yet. Kind of scared to.
I couldn't name.. but i hate psyco, multiple personality etc.. at the begining i loved to watch such psyco thrillers but got bored watching same kind of storeis... so started hating it...
mine would be Vanila Sky! man!! really hate this film.
Battlefield Earth, the good guys keep running and bad guys keep catching them and then the good guys keep running and bad guys keep catching them...... over and over....

crossroad (britney's film) turned out to be junk
Can't believe I didn't post here early.

1. No country for old men
2. Army of the dead
3. Super Bad
4. Hostal 1
Rajiev wrote:
Can't believe I didn't post here early.

1. No country for old men
2. Army of the dead
3. Super Bad
4. Hostal 1

Whoa, how can you hate Super Bad????

I can't even remember a bad movie I saw... prolly I forgot all the bad movies.....
soljarag wrote:
Rajiev wrote:
Can't believe I didn't post here early.

1. No country for old men
2. Army of the dead
3. Super Bad
4. Hostal 1

Whoa, how can you hate Super Bad????

I can't even remember a bad movie I saw... prolly I forgot all the bad movies.....

Cos , As the name implies, Its super bad :p

Its a Cheap copy of Amrican Pie and that sort of movies, imho
WaLL - E tedious , tedious , tedious... self indulgent crap ..
When I read threads Title only 1 name came to my mind........Aeon Flux!
star wars 3
love actually
I HATE the movie "Elf." Everyone else seems to love it, but it's so stupid and pointless. All the so-called "humor" in the movie comes from the fact that the main character doesn't know what the heck he's doing. So stupid.
I too hated "Elf", so you're not alone! I got so irritated by the bad movie, I couldn't finish watching it. I just walked out in the middle of the movie. Knowing I had wasted half an hour and so on something really stupid. Comedy or not, it just was not funny!

Generally I also hate all splatter movies. Especially if there are no plot except for the beasts to slaughter as much people as possible. The movies often ends with the main actor getting slaughtered, or the monster getting slaughtered. Or that they think the monster is dead, but in the end you get a hint (or a blood trail) that he isn't. Just stupid! Cabin fever is one of them. And no, I did not spoil the ending here, because I did not watch it till the end. I don't even think I managed to see half an hour. It's not that I get easily scarred (i like scary movies), but this is just stupid!
The Happening by M. Night Shyamalan was really of the worst movies ever watched Sad
I also hate Blindness . Not the movie I thought it was going to be. Just cruel.
The same with Hostel . That movie just made me wanna puke and cry. I do not recommend it for anyone... And The Hills Have Eyes
The Day The Earth Stood Still (2008 version)
Worst movie ever is imho "Pulp Fiction"
Damn. I wasted over two hours with this crap waiting for something to happen. I guess it woudl have been the first movie, that I removed from my DVD-Player before the movie's over. But my girlfriend wanted to see it Rolling Eyes
I hate movies when the main characters do something stupid just to keep the movie going.
Examples -
National Treasure - the guy had the map, if he had gotten into the van instead of running out to save the girl the movie would have been over.
Reign of Fire - My husband and I love dragons and anything related to them, but this movie was stupid. An elite dragon fighting squad and your best tactic is to jump out of a helicopter and hope you land on the dragon?
Transformers - First they have giant robots stomping through suburban back yards and hiding up against the house so they won't be seen. Then, when they get the matrix-cube-thingy they give it to the squishy human and send him to the roof. Newsflash, none of the good guys fly but the bad guys do...doh!
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