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Pictures of a night time walk....

wellerchap me and my pal Steve are preparing to tackle the Yorkshire Three Peaks we're upping the training routine & have walked on evenings after work.
Obviously at the moment it's still dark, so last night's tromp was 9½ miles across farmland, forest & a country park near where I live, between Barnsley & Wakefield.
I took the camera along, and here are the better shots I got....we were back in before 10pm (took us 3h 10m) & it was miles better than staying in watching dross on the telly!

Starry, starry night

Across farmland

The tranquil end of Newmillerdam

And the main road end....

The wild, wild wood

Disused railtrack-come-trail

Back to life, back to reality
Especially the last one is a very nice picture. The light rays comming down from the pond is just great.
After seeing your pics...
I'm sure about it... I'll buy a new camera.. *_*

for past 2 years I dreamt about it, and I always fells down when think about "I didn't take any picture at all after going somewhere nice..."

By the way.. the last pic.. it was great.. just great..
I like "the wild, wild wood" especially. Like how the sky appears to be red through the trees and looks kind of creepy.

Great pictures you've taken.
thank you all.....the pictures were all taken without flash on the night time scenery setting of my compact digital camera. It fits nicely into any pocket, has long battery life & with the memory card can take hundreds of pictures.
The camera is a Hewlett Packard R727
You should have post this into "Personal Pictures Gallery" section Wink

Anyway, the fifth photo, the one with those trees seems to be the most interesting. Like
prole said, the red sky makes the atmosphere to be perfect for a horror movie.

Have fun with the camera Cool
it wasn't actually the sky....simply how the light in the night time sensor in the camera read the who scene....a very pleasing result....there was a light shining through the trees from a nearby road.
Those pictures made me wish to engage myself in night walks too. I really enjoy walking. I'm sad my present responsabilities (and choices, I should say) prevent me from doing it for awhile. And having a camera to register the moments without rush, just for the fun of it, is certainly a very relaxing thing to do...
did u meet any ghosts? Twisted Evil
Looks like fun!
It's more necessity than fun, at the friend and I are training ourselves up to walk real long distances, as we're attempting a very long walk with 3 moutains to conquer, later in the year.
If our legs aren't used to doing the walking we will never manage it.
The good thing about this walk at night is that no matter how many times we do it, we never get bored with the we can't see most of it !! Very Happy
I really like the first one, I think mainly because there were no light shining through. It looks like one of those Chinese watercolor paintings.
we now do this walk regularly & as the novelty's worn off, I've stopped taking the camera in favour of walking harder to get in shape.....we've shaved 45 minutes off the walk time as we're not stopping to take pictures!
Nice:) I love walking ani the night.

Extremely good and artistic! It would be great to make it into a painting or something...

The last one is very good too, did you have to use long exposure times on them?
Beautiful pictures though not quite clear. But they have a feel-good factor :p I feel like walking with you. It seems so peaceful. best of luck wellerchap and your friend.
The last one looks cool. Great lighting and all. The other's however just well... you can't see anything.
ocalhoun wrote:

Extremely good and artistic! It would be great to make it into a painting or something...

The last one is very good too, did you have to use long exposure times on them?

Yes, it's a hp compact digital camera, with a good night-time setting....exposure is usually dragged out to about 15 seconds; it's vital to have the camera sit on a firm surface, otherwise camera shake will kick in & destroy the photo (I have have a few of those in the recycle bin!! Laughing ). The camera should take all the credit though, I just flick the switches!
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