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Video Card Heating

Hello! I have a Sapphire Radeon x1600 xt and for some lame reason i have been getting a heating issue for about 2 weeks. Basically what happens is my computer will shut down completely. Not restart but just shut down. Now, I have no idea what the hell this could be. It generally only happens when I am playing video games. I called up the company and they gave me the ole "IT ISN'T US!" I unistalled the drivers and reinstalled them. I defrag'd plenty of times but I am baffled lol....any suggestions? From what CCC tells me it is at 88 degrees celcius......while my cpu is only 50 degrees celcius HALP ME!!!!!!!!!
Your computer's hot dude! I suggest you open up your computer case and check out what's going on inside. Clean up the dust and debris preferably using a compressed air (those types in a spraying can). But you could just blow (make sure you don't spit!!) or use a fan. You might need a new cooling fan (costs around $20).
I have blown it out, opened the beast up i was told it was a faulty heat sink last night but I really didnt know if there was anything i could do to fix it without having to buy a new video card....
Oh yes that's a very valid reason for overheating. Is is the CPU heatsink or the video card's? See if you can see the fans attached to the video card turning around and making a tiny buzzing noise when your computer is powered on. You can buy a new replacement one if it isn't working and screw it on your video card.
it has gotta be dust in most cases. The dust gets in and settle on the fan bearings over time and causes it to slow down and finally stop moving. If you clean it out in time before the fan burns out.. you can still use it... else u just have to replace the fan. If the cooling fan has stopped moving, you can still clean it 1st by blowing into the bearing area.. giving it a few taps and continue with the process until you feel the bearings moving without restriction again.. then test it out to c if it still runs.
mabee u do not have good air flow. open the case and then try using it. if it works u no that is the problem. If it is then all u needa do is A. Get a bigger case. B. Cleanly rewire the comp. for better airflow. C. add more fans
Those cards can run past 90c before shuting down. So your not over heating, runnning hot, but not over heating. Most likely a software problem like with windows is the normal problem. If you can replace the card with a known working card, and see what happens, most like you will have the same problem...
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