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domain name help

how do i create a domain name that points to my main folder

or how do i do create a domain

i have already bought one
If you've already bought a domain, all you have to do is create an index.html file on it that points to your already-existing page until you have it transfered...I would set up a simple HTML file with a meta refresh tag to your page and a link as well in case the redirect doesn't work, along with a notification that they have arrived at your site or something like that. See below...just copy and paste into notepad and replace XYZ with your site name and XYZURL with your website's adress, then save as index.html and upload to your new domain.

<TITLE>Welcome, you are being redirected to XYZ</TITLE>
Welcome! You are being redirected to XYZ. Click <a href="XYZURL" title="Click here to redirect to XYZ">here</a> if you are not automatically redirected.
wat do i set in cpanel
Frihost.NET Offers unlimted addons, Means you can add as many domains you want to your account. This is the way to add it.

1) When you bought the domain, you must have got a link to change setting for your domain. If not just go to to your domain registar site and look for domain control panel/dns control panel/

2)Login there, then you are looking for dns configuration/ dns setting or name server

3)You will find space to give many name servers, edit fst name servers as and second as, and leave the rest blank.

4)Login to control panel , There's a button Addon Domains, Click on it. add your domain there, where it says directory/username give the directory name you want to use for the domain.

for eg. if you give directory name as sunny, your domain will be pointed to directory so you can upload your site to sunny directory.

Your site can take upto 36 hours to show u (normally takes around 12-14 hours, depends on your ISP cache actually)

Hope this helped.

Bondings...I see many ppl asking about domain addons, may be make one of these post as sticky.
sunny wrote:
Bondings...I see many ppl asking about domain addons, may be make one of these post as sticky.

I'll do it, just not at the moment. (kindoff busy lately Wink )
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