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Who will come to Beijing in this summer?

i think i could act as a guide,absolutely free guide.
i am a university student
what i want is pactice my english


I want to know who has planed to China for the Olympic Games??
I would not mind seeing the Olympic games but I will wait for the games to return to the states. I like to travel but I am not ready to travel to China yet.
Hi China,

If you want to practice your English perhaps you can try language exchange. A lot of my friends, including myself do language exchange. just find a buddy threw myspace or facebook.
Most of the half year language studies, suck in Shanghai and Beijing, so the motivated students are willing to take their skills to a higher level and praktice with a native mandarin speaker.
They teach you English at the same time..simple and cheap!

Good luck and zaijian!
I think there will be a lot of tourists going to Beijing this summer...
Since the world's largest sports event will be held soon, most of the people will visit there for the Olympic games...

But if you want to improve your English, i think there are still a lot of ways to go...
maybe you can practice it now and apply it when you are work as a tour guide in this coming summer Razz
I would so love to come to Beijing, however, due to debt like almost everyone else, its probably not possible at this time, but possibly future wise I will Razz
I can speak little Chinese so visit China this summer is really difficult for me. Maybe watch TV is better idea Very Happy
We decided to travel in Beijing to learn about the country, the culture, the people and the wonderful food! But, we wanted to avoid the crowds and traffic that would come with the Games, so we went a few months ago. We used many guides who were also wanting to practice their English. It is a great way to practice and we all learned from each other. You might want to just go to areas where Olympic events will be held and practice speaking to people. Most of the tourists will happily spend a few minutes talking with you, especially if you can provide them with some information such as good restaurants nearby, or a sight they might want to see that is not one of the normal tourist locations. Good luck!
I think the Olympics will be a great event in China.Lots of national leaders will be arriving there.Lots of tourists will be coming.As a photographer i may also come there to see this historic event unfolding.
I want but i think its toooooo late
Was just there a few weeks ago - route Beijing-Pingyao-Xian, over 7 days - most awesome!
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