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What can you say?

Hello everyone. I would to invite you all to visit my personal website. If you have some spare time please visit it, you could also leave a comment. It will help me a lot. Thank you very much. Hope you like it. My site is
Ok I really like it, but when your portfolio images come up, they are so small that I cannot really see the kind of work or the website you've done. That is major when your displaying your portfolio, because you want people and potential clients to be able to see the work you have done. That's all I have to say for that one.
O and I forgot, there are some typos. Like on your home page it says,"oppurtunity," it's, "opportunity." Just a little help for ya. God Bless,

I like. clean flash site. No qualms here.
Thank you everyone for your comments
Nice clean flash site however the "about me" section doesnt give eneough info about you. - There is only the briefest of glimpses which is not eneough. - People will wanna know qualifications, clients, history, school etc.
Very clean, This is probably the first flash profile that I actually have liked.
You could put something about your credentials in the Bio I guess.

I hate flash. It's useful, but websites that use all flash are slow and congested.
However, your site is clean and well put together.

I give it a 4.5/5.
You have very nice site. However, I think you should re-make some specific things on your site.

First of all, make your two pages valid xhtml.
Index-page( is quite easy: Just add alt-attribute in your image.
Main.html-page ( has lots of more errors: Add doctype xhtml 1.0 transitional, replace script languages with script types embed isn't supported yet (it will in html5) so you can choose, what you will do with it. For some browsers object-element is enough, but some older browsers will need embed-element.

When you have as valid site as possible, you should learn some javascript, which will notice users, if they don't have flash-player installed, but will show the site directly for those, who has the player.

Third and last thing. Why do you have index-page with black background and main-page with white background ?! If you will correct the second matter, you don't need to think this one Wink

And finally the summary: With all upper matters fixed, your site would be one of the best flash-based sites I have ever seen. So good work Wink (But I still prefer pure html-based sites)
That's impressive! The best part about it is the fact that its quite fast as well.

Awesome Job. 10/10!
Greetings everyone. Thank you for all of your comments. I really appreciate it. It makes me better. Ahmm. I try all your comments, but as for now, i won't be able to do it. Kinda busy nowadays.

Thank you very much.
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