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I dont know if anybody posted this site but RealityLapse [link removed by Bondings, since probably not legal] is the best free anime download site in my opinion. All the anime that you ever wanted to see is there.
Yes you're right they have lots of selections, in fact that's where I get most of my anime downloads.

Kewl site since I can't download from irc without HTTP tunelling from my college Very Happy
Thanks for sharing the info
Great site, thanks for talk about it...
There's one site not about anime, but illustration...good for those like to draw or just look at some good arts in paper... it calls and i think its a good place to get some inspiration and start create our own world...
I prefer Torrents and IRC. RealityLapse offers RMVB or AVI in shitty quality, that's why I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. And thus, I got Naruto from them, because I didn't want to spend my whole life to download the whole series in good quality, so yeah, it's sometimes good option. I prefer orginal files from fansubbing groups, not some re-encodes, especially not to that shitty RMVB format, which is just plain crap.
Realitylapse RMVB quality is not that low, their quality is average at most, good in playing if not on full screen mode, if you go full screen it tends to get pixelized.
that's a very nice share. thanks for it. will keep the link in my bookmark.
wow nice site!
but need to pay for the speed pass for better connection speed and better quality of the anime..
but still is a great site for me which trap behind the school firewall...

~i am going to download anime NOW!
Thanks Mate!
it's nice share. I like the anime...
thanks bro....
thanks for that page, hope i can get something from that.
They have a pretty good selection as downloading high quality torrents take at least 18 hours at 35kbps
Yeah, thanks for the link. I always use torrents, but this site looks like a good alternative. I will try downloading some and check the quality Smile.
Try to download from IRC for better qualities
I recommend baka-upload bot in
I prefer having 200Mb for 1 eps rather than faster-to-download 50Mb each but in crappy qualities
Yeah I know about realitylaspe, been getting my anime from they for a while now, they thing I like best about them is the rmvb format which all there anime is in, which is about 90mb in size for one episode, which is cool since I can download a 26 episode suit in one night (Yeah I know my ISP sucks but it beast dailup Smile ) Also another good thing about them is that they give you direct download links, If your like me you would be greatfull for this also since megauplaod and rapidshare gets on my nerve with there stupid download limits.

All in all realitylaspe is one of the best place anime.

I usually download form else where also but I dont have the link on hand as soon as I get it I'll post it.
I don't like RealityLapse for one single reason - RMVB. The other things are perfect. I once had a choppy internet connection - 128kbps, then 256kbps and now I have 512kbps which is also not perfect (I will be having 6mbps in a few months, though...) and I had to download anime in RMVB from here in order to not spend downloading the whole pack of AVIs or MKVs forever.

You can do better in 90mb size, really. It's simple. You musn't use RMVB because it sucks, really. You should use H.264/AVC instead. It's much better than RMVB, because RMVB looks like someone threw a soap on your screen. It's so blurry that it's almost ridiculous. As for the sound, it's pretty good. And one more thing - VFR. It's irritating to see that you have 12fps in your video file with episode, it's like you're watching a half of episode, because it's true - the video is half as smooth as it would be. Besides, the codec can change it's fps whenever it want. One scene it's 23.976 fps, the next it's 12fps. And you can do better without VFR - as I said, using H.264/AVC.
uh oh...
it's rmvb...

I think i'll back to tunelling irc... I prefer high quality vid...

/me back to xdcc download and torrent download... at least it's resume able 99%
Nice site..i can download all love anime for free Laughing Laughing
Just finished downloading all of 50 Kinichi episodes
Thank you very very very much!! i looked for this stuff,
i truely love all kinda anime i am tryin to collect the complete pokemon now x'D

its kewl man, thx
guys, move to torrent and irc xdcc download, torrent is far faster than direct download (if you found yourself can't download using your max speed when download from http).
Thanks for the post realdn. But couldnt find what I was looking for. The Prince of Tennis. I want to find the National Semifinals. Any ideas anyone?
Pikokola wrote:
guys, move to torrent and irc xdcc download, torrent is far faster than direct download (if you found yourself can't download using your max speed when download from http).

Btw pikokola... Cant find any torrent for The Prince of Tennis. Irc?? Not sure what it is.
leave it to the torrent Laughing
Btw pikokola... Cant find any torrent for The Prince of Tennis. Irc?? Not sure what it is.

It's a bit hard to find a US licensed anime.
Try to find the fansub that to that series on (it's only a database of anime and fansubber, not a place to download the anime).
After that, try to look on the fansub web that dub that series, you should find some way to download there.
how long does it take to download from the site? vs. torrent (which does not work for me grrr...)
the links was removed right since its not legal? any other links guys?? thanxxx
jdelfire wrote:
the links was removed right since its not legal? any other links guys?? thanxxx

the subber site?

guys, there's lots of place to download the anime...
and I think somebody already tell you where and how to look for it on another topic, but if you too lazy to search for it, I'll give you some fast explanation.

first, search for the series on
Look for the fansubber, that sub that series, and search for it's site/forum/irc channel.
There's should be info about how they release, mainly using torrent, or irc.

If you don't know how to d/l using torrent : google it,
If you don't know how to d/l using irc, or even don't know what irc is : I'll tell you once, irc that I mean is that irc which you open using mIRC, yeah, those which server is like dalnet, efnet, arabnet, irchighway, rizon, etc etc. and how to download from it, you can google "gotlurk" and read the faq on it's site, if it's still fail for you, google "how to download using xdcc", there's should be only one result that appears (except when google read this post and put it on their search result)
I actually download a lot of anime off of veoh...

But that's only because I have the mac veoh player, so it gives me downloads in their original file format, not .flv like the veoh player for windows apparently does.

good site, rmv may not be that good in terms of quality though, veoh for windows lets you download it in avi too, not just flv, the player that is..
hey all

i remember a manga movie called 'blue' - really good. semi 'adulty' related but not 'porn'.

anyone know where to get it?

think was actually a series or mini series. not sure.



oh yeah. anyone out there a good anime/manga artist?
i love the animes Very Happy
Watching anime eps in rmvb is hurting my eyes. For any of you who like to dl anime using bt, try this site

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