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Academy wards Trivia: How much you know?

1) Who is the only actor to receive an Oscar nomination for playing an alien?
2) What is the shortest performance to win an Oscar?
3) Name the actor who won an Oscar for a performance in which he/she said only one word.
4) What is the longest film ever to win Best Picture?
5) Name the movie which got two nominations for best actress role for the same character young and old
6) Name the actress who got best actress award for a role of an actress who struggles to get an academy award.
7) Who was the only person with name 'Oscar' to win an Oscar?
Cool Name the Charlie Chaplin movie which got Oscar after 20 years of its production
9) Name the two movie which got 11 nominations each but dint win even one.
c'mon guys. Not a single reply?
I will provide the answers soon
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