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Wondercon 2008 (Ironman, DC: The New Frontier Movie, etc)

Wondercon is the annual San Francisco variant of the San Diego Comic Convention.

I happened to go yesterday and must say it was an awesome experience.

Some highlights:
Hatter M

Author Frank Beddor paired with artist Ben Templesmith to release a hardcover graphic novel entitled "Hatter M." For those not familiar with the Looking Glass Wars franchise, the basic premise is that Lewis Carrol got Alice's story (and name) wrong. Alyss is in reality the daughter of Queen Heart, who with (very sane) royal guard Hatter Madigan escaped a bloody coup. They were separated for thirteen years before returning to Wonderland to take back the throne.

Aside from the awesome concept, what drew me into Hatter M was the amazing artwork, some of which you can see above. I got a copy signed by the authors, but I couldn't find the artist.

10,000 BC
We got to see a couple of exclusive clips and I'm not that excited for it. There are hints of a compelling film and story but something about the execution just seems off for some reason.

Star Wars: Clone Wars - Fall 2008 movie & WB TV series
3D graphics looked pretty cheesy and I'm really not a fan of how the story's been treated in the new trilogy so...whatever.

We got to see an exclusive two minute trailer and footage of Tony Stark calibrating his jet boots. VERY cool. Graphics were awesome, script looks like it's well written, Robert Downey Jr.'s got the character down. Jon Favreau gave what was probably the most interesting panel I'd heard all day.

DC: The New Frontier
World Premiere was aired yesterday at the end of the convention. The artwork was great, but the script was choppy, and the voice acting was questionable. As someone who read the New Frontier novel I thought the film was lacking in critical character and plot development. My friend, who hadn't read New Frontier, thought the same thing. Overall pretty disappointing, but it was still cool to see this movie on the big screen.

There were several vendors selling trade paperbacks & graphic novels at half price, so I picked up a copy of Civil War: Wolverine, House of M, and Wolverine: The End. One of my friends found Watchmen for $10. I also got my copies of Batman: Hush signed by Jim Lee.

Good times.
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