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Going for a calculation program.

Hello, im going for a calculation-program that im going to code in some C language.
Now to my question; C++ or C# ?

Thanks for your help.
C and C++ is very similar language. C# have similarities in the syntax but it's another language. I haven't used C# myself but I think it is similar to Java in possibilities. If you want to make it more graphic it's easier to use a high level language. If you only want to use a prompt it doesn't really matters. It's easier if you use a language that you know well.
Makslahti wrote:
Hello, im going for a calculation-program that im going to code in some C language.
Now to my question; C++ or C# ?

Thanks for your help.

I dont know about C# but "C" language is really good ( i dont think C++ is that much).

Can you please tell me what is C#? is it used for servers (like php) or something else?
C# is just Java++. Microsoft tried to make their own version of Java, Sun sued and won, so Microsoft took what they had and made C#. It's no big secret, but of course Microsoft couldn't admit that publicly (or they'd get sued again). So they claimed they based their new language on C++. Don't believe me? Observe:
public class HelloWorld
   public static void main(String[] args)
      System.out.println("Hello, world!");

// ------------------

class HelloWorld
   static void Main()
      System.Console.WriteLine("Hello, world!");
One of these is hello world in Java, one is in C#. You decide.

C++ is based on C.

C++ is easily the most widely used programming language in the world, and you can find loads of information, tools and libraries on the net, but it can be rough for beginners. Like Java, C# is relatively simple for beginners (but a real pain the ass for experts -_-), owned by a single company that jealously guards the patents (Sun for Java, MS for C#), and can be hard to find resources for.

There's really not more that anyone can tell you unless you give way more details of what you want to do. What kind of calculation program? For what platform? Does it need to be portable? Does it need a GUI?
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