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Police Brutality... Officer Rivieri

I'm just wondering if anyone has heard about the incident involving officer Salvatore Rivieri and the skateboarder in Baltimore. A video depicting Rivieri's use of unnecessary force with a 14-year-old boy was originally posted on Youtube about two weeks ago. Since its posting, the video has gotten over a million views, and Officer Rivieri has been suspended from the force due to this single Youtube video. Unfortunately, his suspension includes pay...

What do you think about Rivieri? Does he deserve suspension, or jailtime?

Original clip posted by Camb0i:

Funny remix done by someone else:
The police officer may have gone too far, but I don't want to judge him simply by that one video that was put on Youtube. What happened before the video? Was the kid truly disrespectful? Was that kid told not to skateboard there multiple times? Were they doing anything else? I could see myself acting like that if I was telling some kids to not skateboard there daily, or if they did something truly disrespectful. I don't want to judge a cop by one portion of a video on Youtube without knowing the whole story.
Good point, the kid who recorded the video might have used only the incriminating portions of it. However, another video showed up on ABC when an art student came forth with footage of a prior encounter... from the looks of this video and the story behind it, officer Rivieri has a very short temper and anger problems, a personality unsuitable for an officer.

Ahhh... I didn't see that other video. Yeah he may have issues then. When I watched the first video, I kept thinking of the movie National Security (if you haven't seen it, a police officer in it was arrested for police brutality because of a video of him beating up a man. In reality, though, he wasn't beating the man up - he was trying to kill a bee). I know that that's just a movie, but the principle is still there. This makes sense now.
Haha I remember that movie... I don't usually like Martin Lawrence but he wasn't bad in that one. Anyway, I just found this clip of someone defending the cop. I guess it adds another view similar to yours but it also serves as some comic relief haha
I definitely feel for the cop... I'm no fan of these little kids who disrespect the law, or police officers, or anybody for that matter..

Just the way that kid was talking to that cop makes me pretty mad... I understand exactly how the cop was feeling, and why he reacted that way... It's very easy to get caught up in the moment and take it a little into personal rather than professional which is what I think that officer did... But I understand him.

I do though have no sympathy for the kids whatsoever. A 14 year old kid has no place disrespecting a police officer.... I would like to thank that officer for teaching the kid a lesson and stepping a little bit over the line. Smile

I do love at the end where he says "You got that camera on? If I find myself on- " Very Happy

EDIT: I just watched the other video of the news report on him... The difference between the 2 situations, even though the artist was in no way in the wrong... The artist attempted to explain he's in a public place, but knew that arguing with the police is not a good idea, and just calmly said OK and left. The kids actually were in the wrong, and his whiny little responses got him man-handled.
The cop lost his temper, well, it's him to blame for the matter. However, skate kids are sometimes really annoying and dangerous to the public, if they are skating on the street or some more unusual places. When a policeman is doing his job, I think we'd better not resist to him. It is smarter to sue him or accuse him later, but not right at that time, to face with direct conflictions. Nevertheless, the cop's deed is somehow over the line and was unluckily caught up.
The little punk's got an attitude, but the cop had no right to lay his hands on the kid the way he did. Assault anyone? Especially when the kid tried to get out and the cop pushed him back down, thats bull.
While I recognize that cops (especially in a rough city like Baltimore) have a stressful job, taking it out on kids is despicable. So they were skateboarding where they shouldn't have been, does that give this cop an excuse to manhandle this scrawny young teenager? Did the cop feel threatened? Has "dude" become a swear word and the public wasn't informed? True, a "Yes Sir" or "Sir" would have helped the situation, but this was too far. This is just another example of a meathead cop abusing their position. It's becoming worse and worse in this country. So many cities in America are becoming unofficial police states that it's scary. It is no wonder that America's youth don't trust the police. All they see are abusive meatheads trying to turn every city into Main St. USA at Disney Land. Hopefully Officer Rivieri (or "dude" as I hope his coworkers refer to him from now on), recieves the punishment coming to him and I hope that his fellow officers publically speak out against the abuse he has wrought on this young teenager. Being a veteran of Desert Storm, Somalia, Burundi and Rwanda I am all about respect and discipline, but respect is a 2 way street. The cop lost his cool and with that he should lose his job.
yeah i had to go to court once when i saw a cop assualt my friend for patting the "sniffer dog". The cop came into the room of the club smashed him into the wall, was throwing punches and dragged him outside by his ear. He was beaten up quite badly but i never found out what happened to the officer. Probably let off with a warning...
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