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I have a question. What processor is better? AMD or Intell? I ask this because AMDs seem to be cheaper when you buy them over intell. Also I hear that AMD is a preffered gaming processor. I hear a lot of talk about both. I would like to know what everyone has to say on this forum. I value your comments. Thanks.
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A few years back I would have said AMD hands down. At the time they were simply the biggest bang for your buck, but now I don't think that is so much the case... There have been multiple reviews and comparisons at sites such as Gizmodo, and most show the Intels to be faster than their AMD coutnerparts as well as cheaper.

It is odd, as AMD used to have Intel beat hands down on price and usually for the $ you got more mhz than the comparable chip with Intel - now it seems the polar opposite to be the case. Here is one such comparison between the Intel's Q6600 and AMD's Phenom 9600 which shows Intel to beat out AMD in most of the tests and to cost a bit less.

I am personally running the aforementioned Intel chip, the Q6600, and love it. Admittedly, I have not done anything special to it. I am running Ubuntu 64 bit on it with 2 gbs of ram and I can honestly say I have never played with such a powerhouse before. I can run Windows XP virtually under Linux faster than I have ever been able to run XP on any machine before now. I know this is not specific to Intel chip's performances, I am just stating how happy I am with my Q6600 Smile
Unfortunately, there is already an ever going debate about which processors is the best, most preferred and what not located here:

Due to that, this topic is now going to be locked and I am going to have to ask you to please use the search function next time and re-read the rules and FAQs if you haven't already done so.

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