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what was your choice, if you were me

Hi, i was now puzzling by two offers that I've got.

One is from an IT company, and the job content is to monetize a search engine traffic flow. The company is a market leading company in many areas, but just not in search engine :<. Therefore, lots of work is expected to make the job success, which in another way will be a quite self fulfilling goal. The risk to get lost in the work is middle-to-low.

Another is from an tradition industry company, and the job content is to provide new value added services into the solution package. The company is a market leading company in its traditional business, but far away from success in the aimed area. Therefore, a trainee program is designed for everyone new staff and one will be transfered abroad to have different training experiences. The risk to get lost in this work is middle-to-high.

I am a fresh graduate with little knowledge in both areas, and defintely will face with start up bottleneck phase switching from studying to working. So, if you were me, which one would you choose?
pick the one you think will give you the most satisfaction and rewards. Which one will make you want to show up every day and be eager to work. Which one will give you the most tangible rewards like pay, investment opportunities, health benefits etc? Which ever it is for you, that's the one to go to.
Klaw 2
Well the choice is completely yours but I would go for the first one. But what about other things???
Where do you get the most payed?
Ho many holiday days do you get?
What about health insurance?

btw what companies are those?
well, the packages offered by those two are quite similar, with qualified health insurance, sports allowance, meal allowance, traffic allowance and housing allowance. However, personally I feel like multimedia contents more than internet search engine. But, I do agree that it is quite another issue when taking one's hobby or likings as a job and routine work contents, which is to someone a killing medicine to their hobbies.

I've talked to both HR and business directors in the companies. And I chose the traditional industiral company targeted to achieve better services in new business area. I think it will be a challenging enough and though well paid-back job. Thanks guys for you advice, and wish me good luck ;>
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