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True Beauty

What do you guys define true beauty as? Just curious. Very Happy
not a guy though but i guess i can leave here a comment.

beauty can be define in a very broad aspect. One of it can be the physical aspect, some can consider the emotional aspect. But "mostly", guys prefer to go with the physical aspect. They want to see the girls beautiful. For me, what to expect if you consider the physical aspect is, healthy hair, chraming faces, nicely curved body, long legs, and such characteristics every men considers. For me, i prefer the emotional aspect, it can be how you really control yourself in any situation you encounter. the ability to consider every single and little things that exist. That what i call beauty is.
I would hesitate to say that I will ever know enough to define true beauty. I find the simple idea of existence, from rock to frogs to humanity, to be beautiful. I think true beauty comes along when you see something that reminds you of just how precious existence is. It doesn't have to be classically beautiful or extraordinary, just as long as it reminds you.
This is a good topic. Beauty is on the outside as well as within, although humans are probably the only species that varies so much in terms of looks. I don't think that it is the outside that always counts, in fact someone "ugly" with a good heart, character, and personality is probably more attractive to others. Intelligence is beautiful also.
From a physical point of view I heard once that it has to do with symmetry. For example it is more beautiful a face with two equal sized eyes than one with an eye bigger that the other. This rule is of course very limited and false at the end of the line. There are irregularities and asymmetries in a face that can give to it extreme beauty. The physical beauty is a very subjective thing and not available to make theories about it. The extreme rational thinking of today considers that everything can be made human understandable, but we should realize once and for ever that this is not true.
Beauty has a lot to do with inner radiance. It is something that shines. It also has to do with good health. For example, take Angelina Jolie when she was training so hard for her Lara Croft roles. She had to eat regular meals and work out regularly. Had fantastic muscle tone and was filled out just in the right places. She radiated good health. She is still beautiful, however with less radiance than before. Looks almost haunted and hollowed out. It is as though her light has dimmed a little.

Jennifer Anniston has radiance. Probably also has to do with healthy lifestyle, good food and regular work-outs. Also self-assurance and self-confidence. Her radiance has been of a consistent variety.

Sharon Stone has a radiance that seems to last forever. Must come from deep inside her where she believes to be the most beautiful relative to her age. She has succeeded very well at that. Susan Sarandon has the same ability to shine radiance. An intensity within, probably a love for life that makes a difference.

John Cusack started off with being very vibrant, but something is stuck somewhere, is as though he is struggling with something. Tom Cruise seems to have this never-ending intensity, so has Brad Pitt.

Thinking about it, beauty is really that is from deep within, as anyone can be beautiful, if that is where their focus is. The beauty is not always for the sake of beauty but can come from someone who is very happy with what they are doing, an inner glow of a kind. Especially when you look at mother and child, there is something rare in that. Touches deep. Glow on the mother's face is something of great beauty, probably comes from love and fulfillment.
Hmm, well balanced build (not too skinny etc., not everyone wants "90/60/90"), crazy smile, great sense of humour and friendly, intelligent personality. Not much but.. i have noticed that theres many girls/women that are looking good but they are... empty inside ;(
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