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New P2P File Sharing Program looking for Beta Users

Hey everyone,

All right so my name is Tom Demers, and I'm a marketer for a start-up company called Shazzle. We just put out the public Beta version of our Shazzle application, and we'd like to get some early adopters to play around with Shazzle and give us some feedback. It's a free download, no adware, no spyware (actually no pro version or ads of any kind, at the'll be ad-supported eventually, but never with bundles). You can get the download at

In case you're curious...

Shazzle is a community-based application. You can make a community public, or private and password-protected/invite only. You can also synchronize downloads within a community, so that every piece of content that's been uploaded is automatically downloaded for you. Every community has live chat, instant messaging, scrolling announcements, you can share and sort links, and there's a browser plug in.

It's pretty raw. Like I said feedback on the concept, features to add, etc.

If you're interested in learning more about Shazzle's file sharing capabilities by clicking this link: You can also head to the Shazzle blog or Shazzle's forum if you have any questions, comments, other kinds of input.

Thanks in advance to anyone who takes a couple minutes to try out Shazzle,

Tom Demers
Looks good, I'm trying it out right now.
I'm also helping in the development of another file sharing application, qBittorrent, you can check it out here: (ok, I'm just the amd64 packager for Ubuntu and Debian, but hey, I'm helping there Smile

BTW, i have a question: Why the heck is it 40 Mb? I cannot imagine what can be in there, but I'll find out.
Cool. This reminds me of Audiogalaxy Satellite. I loved that program. I was in a whole bunch of techno/electronica groups, and every day, got new awesome music delivered right to me... even really great mixes all the time. The licensing of these mixes is hard, because some mixed mainstream music, with free music.

Could Shazzle have a similar effect? (But also suffer the same fate as AG-S)
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