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Has anyone moved to Spain?

I'm seriously thinking about moving from England to Spain. Has anyone here done that? Or moved from another country to Spain? If so, what has the experience been like? What are the pitfalls etc? I'm thinking of renting property to start with & maybe buying a house later on.

Any info will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
I moved to Barcelona, and lived there for a year... Main question is do you have working papers (EU)? If so, life is MUCH easier, if not... then it will be interesting. If you plan on living out your life there, you better have a way to get papers, only reason being is you cant gain 'real' employment. I bartended there for a year, money was ok, more than most people surprisingly (no tip). I dont know where you are going from, but finances are completely different from North America. Over here, you have the ability to save, over there, not really. Half if not more of your income will go directly to rent. You WILL have roomates, unless you have a lot of saved cash.. That said it will be atleast 350 for a small room shared with 3 or 4 people. All that said, I would go back in a heart beat. Loved every moment. Not for everyone, and not for me indefinitely unless i got a well paying job...
i heard alot of stories from people moving to spain. life seems much easier tho. i dunno if i would enjoy it as much but there are nice areas out there... on television they showed a lot of reports about poeple / families moving to countries like spain. they seemed to have sum troubles with paperwork sometimes and finding the right work/job in spain. since theyre at a different ankle it seems..
i know this post doesnt help much. ^^"
Spain is really nice to live. The way of life and the weather are simply fabulous so if you could go there, it's a wonderful experience you will not regret.

I moved over a year ago. Way of life is very different to England, you´ll need to learn the language as English is not spoken very much especially when having to deal with administration e.g. registering to get your identity number

as already said acommadation is quite different most people live in apartments, which are alot smaller and you pay alot for what you actually get in the end. If you´ve more questions let me know.
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