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Pakistan goes to polls

February 18 turns out to be a dramatic day for Pakistan after opposition parties seem to be making major gains all over Pakistan. Those parties aligned with President Musharraf seem to be suffering a crushing defeat giving credibility to claims by Musharraf that the polls will be free and fair. This claim is now boosted by the fact that there were few complaints of poll rigging.
Another interesting fact is that no terrorist attack took place in Pakistan on polling day. This way Musharraf may have fulfilled his last promise to the nation of returning the nation to the path of democracy.
It is worth mentioning here that Musharraf was a military ruler who, under pressure from Pakistani society, got retirement from Military and pledged to return Pakistan to complete civilian democratic rule, now this seems to be happening!
Please correct me if I believe that we have not seen a military dictator in our times who fulfills his pledges to people and returns his country to democracy, perishing himself and his allied parties in the process.
The poll results really surprised me becaue I expected Mushafarff to rig the polls and win with an impossible margin!
Indyan wrote:
The poll results really surprised me becaue I expected Mushafarff to rig the polls and win with an impossible margin!

I expected the same, but do you think democracy, if established, will last?
I doubt that you can bring complete peace to the country.. It's been a volatile place with or without Musharraf.
It is natural in paksitan for people to shuffle governments always in the hope of better future but it always go worst. Since, last 6 years were very bad in many ways (greatly increased violence, inflatin going twice, electricity and gas shortage, worning out business and forign relations, mismanagement at all government levels etc) so people are thinking that these new ones will do better. Hope they do so but the story is the same, every new one does worse than the previous one. Hope is still there and will stay until next elections.
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