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My Art

Okay, so I'm new here, and need to find something to post about so I can properly adhere to the rules [an interesting idea, this forum/reward setup!].

Thus, a good place to start is by posting my artwork.

Here's a link to my DeviantArt page, which has a selection of pictures.

I draw all my lineart in vectors, using sometimes Inkscape [open source vector art package] and sometimes Illustrator [gotta get my money's worth, even though at times i prefer the free alternative!]. I like to colour as much as I can using vectors, but when it comes to adding texture and stuff, you just have to move over to a raster editor (for which I turn to The Gimp - free alternative to Photoshop). I try to leave that stage til as late as possible though, as I hate feeling restricted by pixel resolution!

My favourite pics up there are [a] me and my katamari rolling a katamari through a park (that's me and her, and she loves plastic flamingos), and [b] my flatmate dom having a smoke around a campfire with Captain Jack Sparrow and Guybrush Threepwood (an homage to Monkey Island 2).

Not sure quite what else to say about it at the moment, all comments welcome! Should I have the time to draw any more any time soon I'll post here again Smile.
Nice art... the jack sparrow's very funny....
Alot of them look very good.

Me and my Katamari is a very good drawing and I would say the best one.

The Dom In Caribbean Monkey Island is nice also. Good job and welcome to Frihost. Very Happy
Thanks a lot Smile the katamari one is my favourite one too.

of the other stuff up there, perhaps the most 'important' is the collection of frog drawings. I'm writing a fictional encyclopedia concerning frogs - part storybook, part (pretend) frog reference guide, part social commentary. And lots of deceptively cute drawings of frogs.

I ought to upload a preview of the actual book material some time!
Here's a fun thing to do. I made this first image using the free fractal generative art program "Apophysis" (for windows).

Then, using only the Smudge tool in the Gimp (free art package), i follow the shapes suggested in the rendering, to create something like this:

it's time consuming, but it's fun to restrict yourself to only one tool (smudge tool is great, you can paint with the colours that are already there). The textures and lines present from the render provide lots of stimulation for the imagination.

Try it out! It's kinda like an advanced form of cloudgazing, but where you can show what you see in chaotic patterns to other people after you're done!
very nice, i'd like to create a deviantart profile myself, but currently busy at the moment, but nice designs
Wow thats cool, you were able to make that with a lot of lines. Shocked

The finished picture is really good, I imagine it must have taken alot of time and undues.
just started a new series of characters for (eventually) another book - Simulata. A preview is up on my deviantArt page linked at the top Smile
and oooh, my 'human' style has evolved. now, i allow noses! [before, they were totally banned] i think it's a lot better.
It's probably just me, but I keep going to your deviant art page and there is nothing listed in your gallery.
that is odd.. there's quite a bunch of stuff in my gallery! Surprised

there's a new one up there too now. I've started a series of pinup portraits for/of my girlfriend
haydxn wrote:
that is odd.. there's quite a bunch of stuff in my gallery! Surprised

there's a new one up there too now. I've started a series of pinup portraits for/of my girlfriend

Sweet, I found them. I really like your style, it's fun and playful, simple but not boring. I think my favorite is the portrait of your girlfriend. I can't wait to see some more.
I was looking in your gallery and I really like this one:

This is one of my favorite ones.
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