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What can i say to a lady i dont love.`

Gays, help me out. I do not lo someone but i like her. All of a sudden she began to fall in love with me. I dont know what to do
Chucky wrote:
Gays, help me out. I do not lo someone but i like her. All of a sudden she began to fall in love with me. I dont know what to do

Gays? Surely you meant "guys" Razz Razz Shocked Shocked

Anyway, my suggestion is (unless you have someone else you want to be with) is start a relationship, but be 100% honest with her and tell her you don't love her but want to give her a chance. If she's up for that cool - you might enjoy it Wink

1 of 2 will happen:

1: You fall in love with her (happened to me!)
2: The relationship doesn't really work out, and you stop being with her.

Just respect her feelings but prioritize your own life, and nothing can go wrong.
As said above, you can start a relationship and simply tell her. You have to tell her anyway as she will tell you her feelings someday. Just be gentle and kind to her even when you reject her. Try to reject her friendly and don't be to harsh. Realise that you are dealing with real feelings.

I'd reccomend to stay friends but make sure she knows you have no feelings of love towards her. Or tell her you don't know. Just be honest but keep her feelings in mind. Do not cause more pain then needed.
first decide whether u also like her or no

if u do not try to tell her nicely that u do not have any feelings for her and u both can b good friends
start going around like friends do and if in the mean time u start liking here tell her or hope that she finds someone else

hope verything works out well

you said you don't love her but you like her. do you have any interest in a relationship with this person at all?

if not...tell her as it is. not in a harsh way tho.

tell her you do like her but you are not clear on how deep those feelings are right now and you'd like to take it slow and see what happens (if anything at all)
Hey guy, to start a relation without being is love is the regular way to do. I mean, you don't have to have big feelings at the beginning, you just have to find someone who just please to you, and live some stuff with ths person, and then the feelings will come, and on and on...

Or not, then you leave.
Have you led her on at all? That is a big question you need to answer before you decide what to tell her.

There are a couple of movies I have seen that had scenarios like this, where a person had to gently reject someone. Pretty in Pink. Lucus (though that movie he was rejected rather shallowly)

Good Luck! Smile
Chucky wrote:
Gays, help me out. I do not lo someone but i like her. All of a sudden she began to fall in love with me. I don't know what to do

I'm not gay but I am still ready to help Very Happy
well, you really got to not let yourself be too afraid by her showing feelings to you. Which is what happens to most people that just get scared of other peoples' feelings towards them, and because they can't control it and not fly away, they just stop all contact to them. I find this is a very dumb way of handling things. you shoudl try to look into her to see what knida person she really is, in the sense of you coming together. You've got to live with the fact that she has hopes and likes you more. then decide upon how your relationshipo should go on to be. if you don't live her then just tell her, she will suffer and depending on herpersonality you either got to escape her and be fra from her, or you can still stay friends.
Just tell her you what you want and see what she wants its the best way to find out properly without feeling weird around each other. You definetly don't want to leed her on or you wont feel the same as she does, like I say just talk to each other and see what happens from there.
The most intelligent thing to do is to be honest with her. If you want to continue the relationship as is or you don't you still have to tell her what are your feelings. She may be upset at first but then she will appreciate your honesty and you may still be friends.

If not , in the worst case she will say goodbye and it's a good thing to because if you don't wanna be with her at least you can do it's set her free so she can enjoy someone else's love.

That is my opinion and i think is the best thing you can do
What ovidiuo said. Just be honest with her. It might hurt her at first but not telling her will hurt her even more later on.
I really wonder if he meant gays or guys. Regardless, I think the easiest thing to do is just avoid the whole situation. Perhaps even avoid the person. Even if she's a friend, then you just have to not spend as much time with her as you normally would. If you know that she's enamored with you, then it's a lot simpler to observe what could make her more attracted to you- so avoid those things.

Now, my advice is probably wrong, and it's probably terrible for the other person, but it's what I've done a couple times, and it seems to have worked.
I would try to seek a better alternative such as just telling the person you don't live him/her as kindly as you can.
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