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Candles By Victoria

Not every candle is created equal, visit Candles By Victoria now and experience the difference of a highly scented candle! Stop in today and enter to win a free candle, sign up to host an online candle party and earn discounts and free candles, visit our interactive message board, or play our Name that Scent contest and win $20.00 to spend on our website. Signup for our free monthly newsletter and be the first to learn about new products and sales from 10 to 25 percent off! With over 455 scents to choose from and 8 years of online experience serving thousands of our candle customers nationwide, we are confident you won't be disappointed! Stop in today, we look forward to taking care of your candle needs!

¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·´ * Victoria*
Hand poured with love...
...Homemade from the heart *´¨)
¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·´ *
one thing Smile
Hate the typography Smile

its a nice simple look, however there are 2 things im not liking, one is a big problem that you may wish to fix.

The important problem.
: you see your text is black, which is fine once your background loads, but heres the deal, what if it dosnt load?
1) some people have images disabled
2)Some people have SLOOOWW connections, and BG images take a LONG time to load

While one of these things is happening, your text is unreadable. this is a common mistake, your BG color should never be the same as text, or your BG img should never be close to the color of your text.

Other than that, the site is fine, the only thing im not liking all so much is the side bar, i dont like all the black...maybe get a nice border pic?
One thing: do away with frames. With the advent of CSS and PHP, SSI etc, there really is no need for frames. They cause much more trouble than they're worth.

Overall, I suggest finding a good color theme and sticking with it. The multitude of black, brown, red, green, maroon just seems way out of place. Look for smoother color transitions, like brown, light brown, dark brown, etc. Don't make the colors too extreme, as it becomes slightly jarring.

Also, your font could also use some work. Comic sans is really not the best font to use professionally on a website. It may look good to you when you're typing up some document or the other, but it doesn't work well as it's generic.

As the previous poster said, find some transition between your sidebars and main content; right now it goes from black to background, which is not very visually appealing.

Hope this helps.
Your web site is awesome, 5 years ago... (no offense intended).

It is everything web design was 5 years ago. Today, frames are out. Animated GIFS, and pages longer than 2-3 screens worth of information is out as well.

Your navigation is very inconsistent. Each page's navigation elements (or lack of the above) seem to be different.

Your home page has many links that are only visitable from that home page...

Your site has great content and potential. But you need to bring it up to 2008 standards. I think it can develop into something great!
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