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Why my Media Player, Qtime, PowerDVD can't play AVI

I have problem opening AVI files produced by my Samsung Digital camera.
I recorded them in 640 x 480 format.

Don't know if the format is correct - Is there a way to check it?

Anyone has similar problem and possible reason or solution.

Much appreciated.
Do you have the right codecs to play .avi?

You can download a k-lite codec pack (freeware), just google it.
Let me know what it does.

If it won't work, try to install VLC player (freeware) and try it with that.
Do you hear sound ? or it gives you any errors?

If you can hear sound then surely codecs are missing and most likely DIV X
You need correct codecs for movies from digital camera. I recommend you to download and install FFDSHOW codecs packs or k-lite codecs pack. If you still can't play videos, download VLC media player classic which will play them for sure because the program has all codecs you need and all of them are integrated so you don't have to install anything else. GOM player may be able to play those videos as well.
don;t get K-lite package get this instead
There's a tool out there called GSpot that will analyse video files for the required codec.
GSpot is spot on - I downloaded it and run it - NO install - it analyse the AVI file and reported No codec - I thought XDIV decoder is loaded, as I have installed ULEAD video editor, and works well - I do not know when the codec was removed.

Thanks Arnie - will not proceed to download the codec packages.

Thanks for the help all of you out there, will report back.

Oh, yes the sound is there but no video.
Thanks fadirocks, I have downloaded the CCCP and installed the codec and the 2 accompanied media players.

My Windows Media Player is now able to show the video AVI files.

Thanks once again to all help and information provided.

With best regards - Sure am happy that Frihost users does response quickly to problems raised.
Glad it helped. You're better off not installing codec packs unless you need to, since they can slow down or mess up your system.
Arnie wrote:
Glad it helped. You're better off not installing codec packs unless you need to, since they can slow down or mess up your system.

not CCCP it's one of the best packages because it doesn't slow down but you need to clear out all other packages and other MPC installations
Thanks for the warning, seem alright. Will avoid any further codec packs.

With regards
you dont have codecs for that format . try k-lite codec pack software. it has all types of codecs. it also comes with some good add ons.
There are a lot of codec's packs you can find like also AVI CODEC PACK.
Yes, this issue is resolved now, I have installed the CCCP and the Coder/Decoder (codec) is working fine now.

Thank you all for your support.
had the same problem with video captured by FRAPS and vlc solved it. .AVI is just a container and could contain any format. Get mplayer or vlc. It will fix the problem FOR SURE.
The problem seemed like that you dont have the codecs for the avi format. You can get them by searching it on the google. Or KM player it has built in codecs for allthe formats.Or you can use VLC player.These oth code be found from the
I think it will help you.
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