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Selling knowledge at the internet

I was thinking, wouldn't it be a great idea to sell our knowledges on the internet? those with capabilities to make a webpage can sell their programing knowledge to people with money wanting to learn. I dont think there is much of this kind everywhere, but imagine some "dont know what to do for a living" guy who has his rich parents pushing him to learn something, maybe this is a real possibility for him (and also for us).

What do you think?
What country are you in?
Does Paypal service your country?
Does your government limit what you can do?
I think they already do that... I mean, you can buy just about everything online.

Oh, and if it's knowledge, someone probably has it out there for free.
if it's knowledge, someone probably has it out there for free.

Yes , but fortunately there is a minority not willing to search during hours on the internet or not willing to ask things on forums.
I think you'd need credentials to do that. Moreover, it'd be essentially a consulting job I suppose.
Selling stuffs online is not a new idea, since Ebay has countless language and country versions to show you the concepts. However, as for knowledge, it is just another topic.

I do believe the real problem with knowledge is not selling or transferring, but it could not be transplanted to anyone else but you, because its not a product that you can depart from your brain and trade it for something else. There is no such kind universal knowledge that can be absorbed by anyone who pay for it, but knowledge is gained through a hard work of solving problems and human brain is then smart enough to remember the pattern to deal with the similar situation the next time. And this, the konwledge or learning process itself, is the basic distinction of human beings to the other mamels.

So, i guess it will be hard to realize your idea, Wink
Selling knowledge is a tricky word play.

You can sell information, but you can not sell knowledge, like love it has no real accountability to anyone else, it is yours in other words. You can not sell any knowlege or body of knowlege. And if you did it is called a university.

A universe(ity) holds what we call a body of knowledge. It is this that they are giving away. Although they also protect it, they have to uphold the degree. They make sure that it is up to a standard.

So what I would say is this: If you make knowledge to sell you also have to protect it, how that manifests itself for you is the interesting part (and perhaps you should not discuss this "interesting part" with anyone else) henz the protecting it part.
There are places such as that can teach you basically any type of programming go look there they have EVERYTHING and its basically all free except for an exam where you get a certificate
you'd better be very , i mean VERY, good at "knowledge" you're sharing. Otherwise, free stuffs are available everywhere now.
A better idea would be selling personalize services, and it's been done for a long time too.
Think you should go for it. Nothing to loose. Just make sure that the writing is your own. Be careful with copyrighted materials. Also with giving advice, such as articles about health and diet as there may be rules about that. Common sense things. There are plenty of Websites that make money with selling information. For example if you are a body builder and have lots of tips to share on how to work out and what foods to eat, etc. that can really do well. Or if you have classical cars as a hobby, that could also be a good information Website.
i believe that if anything can be sold on the internet, then someone would be already selling it..

but selling knowledge?
its something like yahoo answers Smile

or like wikipedia, but everything is free..

if we start selling knowledge on internet, the whole purpose of freedom will go away..

imagine paying google few cents just because you are using its "knowledge" or its database Smile
loryl wrote:
I think they already do that... I mean, you can buy just about everything online.

Oh, and if it's knowledge, someone probably has it out there for free.

on net support is sold now a days Smile
support = knowledge

but still there will always be crackers n others
of course one can sell knowledge on the internet and market certain skills. What makes it particularly marketable is the ability to combine the knowledge with a stylistic ability or natuyral talent that makes the product higher quality than some one with no experience could do with a cookie cutter program.

It is not anew idea. the difficulty is that sometimes once the info or knowledge hits the internet is can become open and freely disseminated if not always legally disseminated. The poatters and styles are viewed and copied. The technical knowledge can often be learned with a little time and a little purpose.

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