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Iv made a new site, its in early development, feedback plz

ok so here is my new site i want to make this site as profesional as possible and i want to try and earn money from it, i think im going with entertainment for content, weather that be videos or games or both im not sure on yet, but so far iv made a main page layout but im not going anyfurther till i get some help from you guys, so far you can get some idea on my button design and general layout theme, iv created most of it all in photoshop 7. so please could you guys help me out with ideas i will appreciate it very much, thanks in advance
Background image is way too big and you should use it as no-repeat mode. Remove all inline styles and add them into style sheet. You should write xhtml. The button looks great, but is way too big.

You seem to be quite good with graphics, but have some learning with code ...
hey thanks i thought i added the no repeat code in i must of forgotten but iv added it in now, makes it look alot tidy, also i think i will shrink the button size by half. and as for the background i will do my best at making smaller. thanks, if anyone has more tips please dont hesitate
WOW funtastic.

Apply some CSS on the text box /area to make it look better.
Looks like a real nice start there! You've got yourself a nice idea, and keep the ideas coming! Soon you'll have your website up and running, nice work!
Heya! Great start you got there. Smile

I'd define a background color as something other than white (or undefined). With the way you've got it now, depending on your screen resolution, you may have a white vertical bar cuz the background ends partway through and doesn't repeat. I wouldn't suggest repeating the background though -- that would be totally weird.

Good luck with it!
Your site looks now much better Smile

I still think that you should add orange background color and end the white bar, but smoothly.

you have valid html 4.01 transitional, which is good start. You should make it strict and then xhtml 1.0 strict.
A very minor issue to easily fix would be to change the word "News" to the same font as the text in the frame below it.
Can someone please tell me how you made your signature images into links?
hi buddy,

yours is the good site. I read comment about the home page having big background image and stuff.
when i visited I thought yeh its that way too big, but then i realised it is just the welcome page with the splash screen kind of image, where in you are just putting what else you gonna find out inside.

thats nice. and i hope you do well in having your site maintained over the years to come and you earn some good amount of money. which was your purpose to put up the site.

neways all the best,
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