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rel="nofollow" Issue for Crawling

AOP Web Development
Hi, I would like to asked, i've read some blogs about the this rel="nofollow" issue that recently google, yahoo and msn would not counted those link having this on the link?

Is this affect your website traffic? or GPR ?

I hope you can explain more about this things.
rel="nofollow" should be used on paid links and similar. It can also be used where visitors easy can put links, like guestbooks or forums. To prevent spam. At least that is what it was invented for I think.

They should not pass any link juice to the page that is linked to. It's always hard to know if google does this in all cases. Googlebot can follow rel="nofollow" links.

Try to get links that don't have rel="nofollow".
AOP Web Development
ah okay. so this means that it won't affect your amount of traffict but it wil not counts as total inbound links to your website...
AOP Web Development wrote:
Hi, I would like to asked, i've read some blogs about the this rel="nofollow" issue that recently google, yahoo and msn would not counted those link having this on the link?

Although I originally understood this to be the case, I don't think it's entirely true.

Google appears to ignore rel="nofollow" links, but Yahoo definitely does not. If you go to Yahoo Site Explorer and look at the Yahoo Backlinks for your page, you will see plenty of "nofollow" links that lead to your site. Yahoo appears to still count "nofollow" links - so it's a good reason to keep getting them where you can.

As for their purpose, it's supposed to help stem the flow of pagerank from your site. By using rel="nofollow," you're telling Google not to pass on any pagerank to that site. It's great for comment sections in blogs, for forum signatures, sitewide links, etc.

- Walkere
Only because it shows up in Backlinks it doesn't necessarily mean that they are counted. Many nofollow links gives a good indication that the site might have spamed alot.
See the following pages: (see the Interpretation by the individual search engines heading and the table.) (see the Google's "rel='nofollow'" proposal heading)

This is the best i can provide you about this attribute. It just affects the search engine working, not the performance of the link and any visitor when clicks the link visits the linked page.

but if you still want to make your link give you some a (relatively weak) backling (for search engine purposes, specially Google), you can use different techniques. (pm me if you want).
if our links have the nofollow attribute, then there is no harm in it..but we will not get counted for that link. ie. the SE spider will not follow that in terms of SEO there is no advantage...But we will get traffic from the link, if the site on which the link is placed is good enough...
nofollow tells google nd other engines not to consider these pages while ranking....

should be given to unimp areas of ur site...

comments from ur users is one such example...

no issue will crop up with flow of visitors to ur site....
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