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Terminator 4

Very Happy
It must have been Arnold The Governor Razz. But seriously, it might have been some kind of monitor's malfunction or a glow-warm flying just in front of the camera and the people just exaggerated it (maybe to gain some attention)... Very Happy
Spooku shit!
If Arnold is not in the movie, I guess it's really bad. I do not think I will bother to watch it.
Maybe he will just make a cameo appearance. Who knows maybe its just a publicity stunt just to get people interested in a Terminator 4 movie. Last I heard Christian Bale will be on it. Guess he will play the adult John Connor.
the terminator three was a bad ovie.hope this one is good like the first two ones...
I'm interested to see if this turns out well but I don't have high hopes
wat the hell is this? nothing related to anything...
That video is not about a movie or anything related to terminator movie series.
Random video. But I hope they do make a 4th movie and make it awesome. Take some time, write a good script... It has some great story potential, but only if they work at it. I mean, Lucas had some great potential with the prequels, but he dropped the ball on that one!
i like terminator rise of the machines that movie is awesome
Terminator 4 is due out by the end of the year.

Its starring Christian Bale, of Batman Begins, which will also feature a T4 trailer during The Dark Knight.

Its directed by McG, of TVs Supernatural and films including the Charlies Angels movies.

Arnold will not, or I should say "Shouldn't be", in the movie, as it actually takes place during the war with the machines.
Aw, disappointing. I hoped it was really a trailer for the movie.
It looks like a monitor malfunction to me, the glow follows the screen surface not the ground.
It is called Terminator Salvation and stars

Christian Bale ... John Connor

Anton Yelchin ... Kyle Reese

Sam Worthington ... Marcus Wright

Moon Bloodgood ... Blair Williams

Common ... Barnes

Bryce Dallas Howard ... Kate Connor
other cast:

Josh Brolin ... Terminator (rumored)

Helena Bonham Carter ... Serena

Roland Kickinger ... T-800

John Trejo ... Salvation Soldier

Chris Browning ... Morrison (rumored)

Dylan Kenin ... Turnbull (rumored)

Chris Ashworth ... Richter

Alan D. Purwin ... Helicopter pilot
The Sarah Connor Chronicles have pulled me into the concept, and shown that the ideas can easily work without the same old Terminator model that we're used to.

And I'm interested to see John played by Christian Bale, and where he tries to take the character...especially considering that on screen we've never seen John Connor after Judgement Day.
Terminator one was great

Matrix one was great

There is a problem when they get a film which goes from cult to mainstream the second one is always weak nonsense.

Shame both could have had great trilogys

and dont get me started on the new star wars trilogy

id quite happily watch empire six times in a row

Same principle of 3 times with Matrix and terminator
Matrix one was awesome yes. Didn't hate two and three, but I don't have a desire to watch them again either. problem is that I'm not a huge fan of horror films. Which is basically what the first Terminator film is. Maybe there are people reading this mourning the fact that someone who doesn't like horror films *can* like terminator, but there you go.

The second film was the best in my opinion. The concept has been introduced already, so now we get to explore it a bit more that we're familiar with it.

Third was somewhat weak - felt like there wasn't a substanial plot, and the actor playing John wasn't as good as he could have been.
I look forward to this movie. Actually, I am fan of Terminator
I really would rather prefer seeing Arnold in the movie, now it just won't be the same experience Sad But I still am gonna end up watching it.

Btw. here's a little funny movie, well song to be exact. One time when filming Terminator 4, Christian Bale went crazy and started cursing some guy. Someone recorded it and made a song out of it ;p (it has a lot of swear words, just in case ;p )
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