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Are there HAMs, DX or shortwave radio listeners?

It's interesting to me are there a people who like SW radio? Or may be there are a HAMs?

I have DEGEN DE1103 with DE31MS loop antenna for SW monitoring. I like to listen amateures SSB station and other DX.

How do you think what will be a place of SW radio in a next years? Will it be alive or die under Internet and SAT pressure. I am interested in yur opinion about it!
Well to be honest I thought CB Radio was dead a long long time ago. I can remeber having one back in the early 80's when they were a big thing back then, but soon lost interest in it. I think the PC and the internet have well gone beyond Cb Radios. But I suppose they might still have a use in emergencies e.t.c.
Hi there SW listener,

because I am already old (above 50) I experienced in my youth a time radio was still interesting. For instance it was easy to listen in with telephone calls between sailors on ships at sea and there wifes. Also because all communication was expensive then it was special to make contact over some distance by radio. I listened in on radio amateurs who had made their own equipment. At that time there was also a group of (licensed) radio amateurs that had some kind of broadcast every sunday, reporting about moonbounce communication, evesdropping on the Apollo space craft and making contact via a rare reflection layer in the northern part of Europe caused by ionised particles coming from the sun. This made me very enthousiastic, because you could build something yourself at that time to take part of the action. So I did my exam for radioamateur and made a lot of contacts with "far away" stations in Single Side Band modulation and had some lively conversations about new design ideas. Those times were realy exiting to me.

And now why has this all gone ?

some reasons:

- You can not easily tap in on communication anymore, because modulation is becoming all digital and encrypted.
- The equipment you need for simple modulation like AM, FM and SSB is available so cheap, you can not build something like it for the same kind of money. Also shops for radio parts are vanishing.
- The alternatives for comunication are plenty, so why bother doing it the hard way by radio ?
- The number of people who have some knowledge of radio techniques are getting less and less and there are hardly any newcomers, because other technical subjects, like computers, are much easier to step into.

A new kind of radio developers is now making software for demodulation with a computer and the radio hardware is bought.

Is there a reason to regret all the romantics of radio is lost ?

I think a lot of other possibilies are now available for doing exiting things, but because I am an average old guy, so I do think something is lost and still have not thrown away all the electronic parts in the hope I will build something interesting with it in some future.

But if I would make a fantastic reciever or transmitter for shortwave with it who will be interested to talk about it or to make contact with ?
I only do DXing by accident! Razz

Picked up some Sydney and Newcastle stations in my car 200-400kms away at our local sporting fields.
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