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"CHORES" around the house!! How do you do yours?

I do the dishes around the house...I do the laundry....I "light a fire" under my husband and children to do their part of what needs done around the house. This is goofy...but I use a game off of Real Arcade called Fab Fashion (my girls found the game and showed it to me, of course I had to play after I saw it) as a "motivation" to do things around the house. In the game you have to do things in a sequence to make sure that you get them all done. After I play the game for a while, I put the things I need to do in a sequence and then go do them. I chain all of my chores together, and try to make it fun to do the things I need done. If I don't find a creative way to do the things that need done, I get angry because no one else is doing their part.

What does everyone else do to motivate themselves? Smile Maybe what you do isn't as goofy as what I do, but I would REALLY like to hear what everyone else does do. I think the reason that we all read things online is because it pertains to us. This pertains to everyone. LOL So what motivates you to do things around your house? Or does nothing motivate you? Do you do the things around your house or does someone else? If you don't do the things around your house...why don't you? I am NOT criticizing, I just really want to know what everyone does. [/b]
Believe it or not I uphold the male end of the chore arguement, and do al;l the hovering in the house and clean the bath rooms and the kitchen all my wife does is to do the dusting. I also cook about half of the meals, take the trash out and wash things like the car. In the garden I mow the lawns and keep the veg patch organised and do planting through out. I I at any time want a devorce then I of couse as I am well and truly house trained would accept any offers.

When next in you local bar ask the guy next to you

"Have you done the chores today"

9/10 the reply will be "what chores" slip in with the nifty answer"Mines a pint" and either run or laugh at the embaressment of the guy as he tries to riggle out of buying.
i'm in my early 20's, and my roommate of several years/best friend is a guy. so, that information all put together, i do about 98.97% of the cleaning around the house. when we cook, it's usually team work unless he's getting in the way, and i always pawn off cooking burgers or steaks on him. occasionally he'll do the dishes, but it's like having a dog that does this one really neat trick but only rarely. it's still nice, though, when i don't have to do them. :p

i don't really play any games or do anything specific, i just have to see it whenever i walk through the house and it drives me crazy. so i wait until i'm alone during the day, put on some music, and just knock it out. the only thing i really have to keep on myself to do is the laundry.

a lot of our friends thought it was a little bit odd that i do my roommate's laundry and all of the cleaning, but there's really no way around it. 1) he's a spoiled rich kid, 2) he's my best friend, 3) i don't want to live with someone who doesn't wash their clothes. and he doesn't know how. :p
As I live alone in my apartment, I do everything myself... Well I guess a lot more COULD be done, but I think of myself as being fairly tidy though... I don't really need to motivate myself in any way, as self-discipline and the likes more or less automatically gets me going.. This said, I still have a good time when doing the chores, as I'm satisfied when just being able to get away from the reading for my studies. Being physically active in basically any way, is simply a real treat! Smile
I get my two daughters to help me mostly. They are almost 16 and just turned 10. They have certain things that need to be done each day, like feeding the critters, then on Saturday mornings, to clean the house. I help them usually, unless they have been really annoying, then they do it on their own.

I don't play any games, but we do put on great fast paced music to keep us motivated and that seems to help.

Very Happy
My wife & I split all the chores fairly equally - since there's no man in the relationship, we can't really pull the whole sexism card into the game. I love to cook, so I usually do, but if I'm just not feeling it, the wife is a decent chef too. She tends to do the more labour intensive stuff (caulking the bathroom & kitchen, cleaning the drain when our apartment flooded, squashing the ant invasion) while I just do whatever strikes my fancy. It's mostly just fun because we do it together, me flitting about tidying stuff while she fixes the floorboards, and since we're always laughing and joking, usually listening to music & having a drink or 2, it doesn't really seem like chores, just another part of the day.
Our chores aren't actually chores but they're more like responsibilities so we have to do it because its out house. so we just do them regularly like homework or something.
Chores are there, hopefully infrequent, and hopefully simple.
I'm 16 and I live with my parents. Every Saturday I do the weekly chores from washing the clothes to vacuuming the house. Child labour I say! I want some money. Sad
i have no job at the moment. Here's my daily routine. I wake up at 6am, get silent for about 10minutes, then eat breakfast. 8am get the dishes washed. Pause for a moment of silence, past 10am get my ingredients for cooking lunch, at exactly 12noon i eat lunch then pause for a moment of silence. Then wash again the dishes. etc etc etc
Sunday Morning, an hour two of us blitz different areas

Takes about 4 hours to start then an hour a week and you are on your way
(1)If I don't find a creative way to do the things that need done, I get angry because no one else is doing their part.
(2)What does everyone else do to motivate themselves? ... So what motivates you to do things around your house? Or does nothing motivate you?
(3)Do you do the things around your house or does someone else?
(4)If you don't do the things around your house...why don't you?

1. The same, only sooner or later they stump on any creativity and stop doing any cleaning in the house, except small pieces now and then, like arranging things on own desk.
2. I, personally, don't have to motivate myself to do my part of housework, this is part of dignified life.
3. Nobody, for major part of cleaning and maintaining any order. Imagine the quality of such life. Their choice.
4. After participation of the other family members stopped, with no amount of creativity making any positive difference, one could get fed up and drastically decrease own part too: it is not acceptable to be pushed into become a house slave so others could feel themselves manly and empowered. Especially if you came from a different background where everybody voluntarily did their part.
I just dont do them all.
Thats a good question...

I recently had to kick my husband out of the now its me and my son (3 years old)...and its SO hard to keep things clean and tidy...because my son keeps taking all of his toys out and playing with the all around the house...were they stay after he is done...So, when it because a complete chaos I start picking up after him...I do ask him to help me sometimes...but not consistently. I try to keep the kitchen always clean...thats the only part of the house I actually try to clean everyday and it just makes me feel good to know that at least I did something to tidy up. But now I also have to do the laundry, vacuum and clean the bathrooms...and its just too much on top of work and taking care of my son. So, what I do is every weekend I just try to do something, like vacuuming or cleaning a bathroom or a bedroom. Plus laundry and of course the kitchen. But I don't do any sort of game or anything...and I hate doing it all...I have seriously been thinking abou hiring someone.
In our house, we'll do chores together. It allows us to spend time with each other instead of barking orders at one another. We all know it needs to be done, so we work together so we all have more fun time to spend with each other.
whene we were younger my sister and i used to take turns in doing our chores now that we are older we just do them when one person is around. i dont get to do chores as often as i used to because i am working and taking courses now. but when i am around the house and some things are to be done i just do them. its fun really everybody does what they are suppose to do.
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