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I've started meditating and its made my life so much happier and i'm really appreciating the beauty of life.
I've made this post because i reccomend it to everyone.
I also know of a site that gives you two free downloads and theres a helpful community ready to answer any questions you may have. [Snipped By Bockman || NO REFERRALS ALLOWED]
Thats the website. You need to register and post 2 posts to become and active member.

Ok no referal links are allowed but am i allowed to ask people that register to put "Divinitywolf" in the referal box? If not then feel free to edit this out as well.

The technology used in these downloads is called lifeflow. It involves use of waves such as Binaural and Isochronic. These waves have been proven to release more seratonin in the brain. Seratonin is the brains "happy drug". The waves are also said to increase creativity and generally make your life a lot better overall.

I would also like to hear about any experiences you may have had with meditating and whether it affected you in the same way and it did with me.


i think i would try it...thankyou...
yes... meditation is very helpful to keep peaceful mind.
Well, I have been thinking of converting to buddhism which, as everyone knows, involves meditating. However, I've been very busy lately so I could not have found enough time to take it up, which is very bad. Nevertheless, I hope I will be enjoying benefits of meditation soon Smile.
they did research where they said if you meditate at least 30 minutes a day you can dramatically decrease your stress and improve your health. This was on primetime news but since I do not have citation... you will just have to believe in my words.
thanks for this information, i'm seriously considering integrating this into my life
does meditating includes listening to soothing songs while sleeping..?
I do yoga 3x a week and love the feeling of peace and relaxed contentment I get from it. Glad you found something you enjoy. Keep going with it, there's tons to do/learn about it.
I've been present at a speech of a visiting professor from Harvard. He talked some tips to do meditation, I've tried them and found useful:

1. to concentrate in one point in your brain.
2. to think in vain, not a certain thing you know or understand.

what I usually pictured out is just some irregular geometrial shapes, or sometimes a shining spot in the far away place. Smile it's a funny and relaxing execise.
Sorry i didn't realise no referals allowed. Am i allowed to say that that if anyone registers can they please put "Divinitywolf" in the referal box
I think meditating is a great way to sharpen our mind. I keeps our mind cool and calm to focuss more on what needs to be focussed upon!
Meditation is good. I used a couple different versions to help me pass the physical fitness test for basic training. Of course, it is impossible to tell how little or much it helped, but at the very least it helped focus me mentally, and I think it also helped physically strengthen me.
Meditation is ... boring?

Given as how it's largely psychological anyway, you could probably get the same results from relaxing and reading a book.
i am kind of with Nameless with this one, im not knocking anyone who does it cause hey whatever floats your boat. But it just seems that you can get that same piece of mind and relaxation with doing a relaxing hobby of some sort while at the same time your not just sitting there with your eyes closed surrounded by nothingness.... I would prefer to relax by doing something that i enjoy that would keep my busy and entertain as well while relaxing rather then just be bored out of my skill and relaxing.. but hey thats just me to each is own!
meditating --> lucid dreams and out of body experiences
they did research where they said if you meditate at least 30 minutes a day you can dramatically decrease your stress and improve your health

If you're having trouble getting everything done then meditating for 30 minutes is going to make you even more stressed - which makes meditating very difficult! You can read an interesting fiction book instead.
I can see the merits of meditation, but somehow am too impatient and restless to apply myself. I also always seem to doze off. Possibly need to apply myself better or do a proper training course in it. I get distracted quite easily as I have a very limited attention span.
a few months ago i got into stuff like that..

Meditation/Astral Projection/Lucid Dreams/Hypnosis

It's all linked together in some way. But, yeah it's a really good thing to try,
especially if you have alot of stress.

Sometimes, i would spend 2-3 hours laying in my bed, motionless, speechless, but conscience.
It's so relaxing, and it's good for thinking things over as well.
try binurals for meditation or an isochronic tone.
I would post a link but that would be considered spam.
try idoser... just google iso tones for the isochornic ones.. they don't require headphones like a binural.
Srs2388 wrote:

try idoser... just google iso tones for the isochornic ones.. they don't require headphones like a binural.
Haha idoser. I've tried that. Most of their 'doses' that i've tried work for me.
I havent tried iso tones yet, but i've heard of them, what exactly are they?
divinitywolf wrote:
Sorry i didn't realise no referals allowed. Am i allowed to say that that if anyone registers can they please put "Divinitywolf" in the referal box

Not here at Frihost you can't. (1e.)
Posts, avatars, signatures and usernames must not contain direct or indirect referral/affiliate links or links that you get credit for when people click on.
I had joined a meditation program a long time back. It was around 6 years ago when I joined the program. Here in Nepal the program is organized by Jyoti group and that program is organized around once a year (back then). I was too young at that age and I wanted to join the program. So I joined it and they took us to a place up in the hill called "shivapuri".

There we had to stay for three days and it was a short program. I enjoyed the three days program very much. We had to meditate several times a day and had to follow a strict routine. The meditation was targeted towards improving the concentration of people and we were made to concentrate on a single thing (our breathing) for half and hour several times a day. They also taught us a lot of things about life and what we should do and not do. The meditation style was termed as ANAPAN.

I enjoyed the three days and I found it very hard to concentrate the way I breathe by sitting down on the floor on a perfect meditation sitting posture. But I found out that the program actually helped me to improve my concentration on a certain thing. We find it very hard to just concentrate on one thing and our mind diverts away from it once in a while and this program was targetted towards helping us in such situation.

I want to take part in the same program again but since I am a grown up now they will only take me in a ten days program which was much tougher and I heard that we would not even be allowed to talk with anyone for 10 days. That scared me so I did not join.

Anyway the program is a very famous one referred by doctors, managers to their subordinates and different other organizations and may be one day I will take part in that program to relieve stress and give myself inner peace.
During the last years I spend in University, I used to wake up at 6am and perform at least 30 min of yoga every morning. These years were very enjoyable and very successful as I finished both my Bachelor and my Master degree at the first rank.
When I started to work I didn't keep this routine also because I was more tired and waking up at 6am was like too early. Also when you have a family it becomes more difficult to find time for you.
But lately I did some relaxing on the evenings and I think it is a good practice.
Sports like running also helps in relaxing and removing the stress.
I've been practicing the Yoga of Sri Aurobindo for many years. Meditation is a key element. If you'd like to find an endless source for topics for meditation, I would suggest his "Savitri" which is a 24,000 line poem.
I use to meditate before the kids were born. Now life is too fast paste for me to find a moment of quiet time for myself. It is a great experience to feel. It taught me patience, clarity, and tantra. It's great to be able to feel pleasure with a little bit of concentration. I always came out feeling so at peace. I miss it dearly.
Though I never really meditated in some "official" way, after I learned about "lucid dreaming" I would lay down and clear my thoughts of everything and let myself drift off until I felt really heavy...I would actually fall asleep but if I focused on my consciousness I would stay lucid while I was sleeping. I would start dreaming and it was like being on acid or shrooms.. can make anything you want happen.

I was addicted to lucid dreaming for a long time. I haven't tried it in a while now, though, because I wasted so much time sleeping.
You need time to do meditation but it has to be a good experience and way of life
Do you all have the peace and quiet around you during meditation, with no distractions inside or outside the home? Or you are just able to ignore them?

If so, share, please, how to do that.

It would be helpful for those of us, who lives not alone, have not much time alone, with real life family (in all means), neighbors, wall with not good sound protection, traffic, dogs and loud people passing by and staying around. Earplugs with maximal protection don't help, just dampen level of sound to quiet conversation.
Building a quiet box for meditation is not possible.

Or how to suppress (or let them flow away) accumulated restlessness, despair, irritation, or whatever each of us faces in real life. For being able to start the meditation.

Let make "how to" part in this thread.
Crinoid wrote:
Do you all have the peace and quiet around you during meditation, with no distractions inside or outside the home? Or you are just able to ignore them?

If so, share, please, how to do that.

You need to have your own space to start off with. I.e. have a room that you can close, if you wish to do it in your home. Then consciously disconnect the phone and try and get cooperatoin of others to disconnect theirs too. If that is possible of course, or do the meditation at a time that they are not there or very early in the morning when hopefully they are sleeping.

You can try and work with the noise as well. In fact, the noise may be a good thing as if you can tune that out, you will be successful in your meditation. Maybe you can focus on the noise as your focus point for meditation. Listen to it, without getting involved in it. As an observer. Like a dog barking or cars passing the house. Think the key is supposed to be for you to become still in yourself.

Another recommendation is to meditate with music. Not too loud music, but enough volume to drown out the distractions. Perhaps you can use the music in earphones. Give yourself up to it. But without losing your wakefulness.
I have my own place, but am no longer single. When they are sleeping is a good idea, but what to do about noise from the street an neighbors? Street noise - sirens, traffic, loud talk - are all the night.

Not sleeping and trying to catch the quiet moment? But we all need some uninterrupted sleep.
Meditation has worked wonders for me, in terms of stress and anxiety. I read about the IsoTones on here and I'm currently downloading a whole lot of them. I did always enjoy the i-Dosers but was annoyed that I had to pay to dl the mp3 files and that I had to play the other ones in the idoser player or something.

I can't wait to try Isotones!
molif wrote:
does meditating includes listening to soothing songs while sleeping..?

I for sure consider listening to music for the purpose of relaxing a form of meditation.
lying down on a comfy bed with some good music is amazingly relaxing. =D
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