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I seem to be a bit fubar

Bru, stuffce
I moved from my last client after having used the work address for 13 months. Sadly I suspect that I used it to activate this account.

Now I am having problems. I have ftp working to my web page, and I can login into the forums OK, but I have no idea how to access my email or run cpanel. I seem to have lost the mail password and the cpanel password. How can they be different to my forum password and the ftp password?

I can't get an email sent to my alternative email as it's now locked. I can't get into cpanel to change my email details.

Any ideas? Perhaps the mail server is dead, but who knows?
I confirmed the email on the hosting account is in fact different from the one on the forums.

The fact that you have FTP access to your webpage (Which i read as FTP access to the folder where your site is hosted, not to the Home folder of your account), can be explained by the fact that you created a FTP user to access that specific folder. You are probably not using your MAIN FTP account (and this is the account that has the same password as your DirectAdmin user).

If you could confirm me your old work email, I'll be able to unlock your account and update the email on it to your forum email. Feel free to drop a pm if you prefer.

Be Well Cool
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