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Free AutoShutdown Software


Does anyone know a program that can Shutdown a computer on a time you tell it to for free?

jarred89 wrote:

Does anyone know a program that can Shutdown a computer on a time you tell it to for free?


Well, no...

But if this is really important for you, pm me and I can perhaps make one for you if I got time...
I think you will find this program just right for you. I sorta remember the name of the program as I used to use it. So I did a search on swaydog.... but it turned out to be slawdog. It's a small program and best of all, it is free like you wanted it:

Product description
Slawdog Smart Shutdown is a free, commercial-quality shutdown utility for Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista. The program is based on an easy 1-2-3 interface and has an immense number of shutdown options. It allows you to shut down, log off, reboot, lock, turn off, hibernate, disconnect from the Internet or network, enter standby mode in Windows, and shut down and reboot computers in your network--all both manually and automatically. Its built-in Smart Shutdown technology can shut down your computer if you are inactive for a specified period of time. Plus, with its Easy Shutdown technology, you can shut down your computer with just a single click. The program displays options available in your OS only, supports command line options, and uses little system resources. In addition, our exclusive Dependable Timer System technology, ErrorGuard, and other similar features give you a 99.8% guarantee that your system will be shut down on any occasion, according to our recent tests. Slawdog Smart Shutdown will run on all versions
Try autohotkey which is a very good tool for writing scripts. There are several scripts already available that let you do things like "do Task B after Application A is done"

BTW did you know that "media player classic" which is free and plays all kinds of movie files, has options where you can set it to shutdown after watching a movie Smile
You need shutdown monster

You can have several "triggers" that let the program know it's time to turn the system off.

As one would expect, the first feature that shows up when turning on the program is to schedule an exact date and time when the computer should shut down.

You can see a nice calendar, with today's date pointed out (so that you don't get confused about when to schedule the shutdown), and a time field containing parameters for hour, minute and second settings (AM/PM format).
You can either activate the option (using the Set button), or save it for later use (using the Save button).

Then, you have another alternative, and you can have the computer shutdown using the Countdown feature that the program has. There is a protection system, and you can input starting from 1 second up to 23 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds.

This only seems fair, since if you should want to schedule a longer countdown, you will simply use the previous feature. Again, you have the possibility to save your setting for later use, or activate it right then and there.

Moving on, I found another way to schedule a system shutdown. You can select a file (whatever file you want), and have the program shut down your computer once that file is gone. You can select from one to sixty minutes as the interval between two consecutive checkings that the program does to see if the file has disappeared or not. If you want the computer to shutdown once a program has finished a task, you can select a temporary file that the program uses, and once it's gone, it means that the task is over, and Shutdown Monster can start its job.

There's the possibility to have your PC turned off, whenever the processor usage drops bellow a certain value (that you have to input). By default, 5 percent is set, but if you use a program that needs more CPU power, you can easily change the value. Also,
you have to enter a time interval that the computer is on low processor usage, and, as if that wouldn't be enough, you can have the computer turn off only if there is no mouse movement or keyboard typing, by checking the correspondent box (the previous two requirements must be met).

There are some advanced settings you can work on with this monster. The most important is the fact that you can change the shutdown operation with any of the power management functions, and you can choose from: restart, log off, alarm (you can have your own sound play), empty recycle bin, clear temporary Internet files, and a bunch more.

If you want a warning before your computer turns off, you can have a visual and acoustical countdown do that (9 seconds long). You also have the option of having your computer turned off through your local network or via Internet.

A nice little feature that I like is that you can have the volume fade out, as the shut down moment approaches. It's obvious that this was introduced for the late night music addicts (or for the ones that like to hear fairy tales before going to sleep).

Anyway... you can download it from here >> . Have fun
Go for AMP WinOFF. It is free, light weight and has tons of features.
... Or if you use Linux, just go in command line and type
shutdown <hour>:<minutes>

Damn and all these people who tell linux is hard Very Happy
Geez all of these external programs. WHY??? If using Windows NT and up goto cmd prompt and type:

at %time% shutdown -t 0 -s

Where %time% is the time of day to run the shutdown command and it is in 24-hr format. Also, you make this repeat everyday by typing:

at %time% /every:m,t,w,th,f,s,su shutdown -t 0 -s

Where m=monday, t=tuesday, etc.

There no external programs to shutdown your computer. Why install unneeded programs when your OS will take care of it for you?!? Less is more!

otherwise, you can use this free software, i got it from other forum

You could use emco remote shutdown, which works over networks as well. It is free to get I remember, but I think it might just be a trial version.
just get to start\run and then type "shutdown -s -t 7200" to shutdown in 2 hours.

change the variable "7200" to anything u want.

To cancel the shutdown, type "shutdown -a"

for other options, type "cmd" and then "shutdown /?"

have fun
Haha... something new I learnt from minty and aningbo. Thanks for the tip. This should come in useful someday or maybe on the current server in the office which they shut it down every weekend. One thing though, does in mean that I have to run that everytime the system starts or just write a batch and place it in "startup" ?? I guess it should be the latter ...
@ Kelvin

wat are you tryin to say? making a batch file? u wanna shut down ur system every start up? yeah if thats the case, creating a batch file and putting it up in the startup folder would wrk.
jarred89 wrote:

Does anyone know a program that can Shutdown a computer on a time you tell it to for free?


Hope this program may help you!

Try AutoShut down:

Auto Shutdown is a free utility for automatically shutting down or logging off a computer. Automated shutdown/logoff is achieved in two ways: set the exact time of shutdown or wait for a specific number of days, hours, or minutes before shutting down. The program can be configured for forced shutdown/restart/logoff and also has a poweroff option. A scheduled task can be cancelled at anytime by a simple right-click on the timer. Auto Shutdown resides in the system tray and can be configured to run at startup. Online help is included. Keyboard shortcuts provide easy access to menu items
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