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What did you dream last night?

I'm posting this since I had this very absurd dream last night - we all dream about weird stuff, but this particular dream has followed me throughout the whole day Very Happy though it's kind of "banal". I went to the local swimming pool and everyone HAD to swim naked, it was the new rule.
So loads of very fat people swimming naked in my dream, lol.

I hope your dream was nicer?
i dreamed last nyt that i was a prince dating with my lovely princess... she was so beautiful...
and it so romantic date...i call a dreamdate..hehehe i stil can't get over it...
I dreamed I was getting the autograph of the Queen of England, and despite looking as she does today for some reason in my dream I thought she was the most beautiful woman in the world. She asked me how I wanted the autograph written out and I told her to make it out to my mom and dad. I was very surprised to hear her say she knew them, and asked how they were doing.

I woke up excited to call my mom and tell her the queen remembered her, until I realized it was all a dream.
I didn't dream anything, it would have helped to actually sleep, but last night was my first all-nighter of the quarter.
datter wrote:
I dreamed I was getting the autograph of the Queen of England, and despite looking as she does today for some reason in my dream I thought she was the most beautiful woman in the world. She asked me how I wanted the autograph written out and I told her to make it out to my mom and dad. I was very surprised to hear her say she knew them, and asked how they were doing.

I woke up excited to call my mom and tell her the queen remembered her, until I realized it was all a dream.

that is a scary dream. The Queen of England looking beautiful ! Laughing
I am happy that usually I will not remember my dreams. Even if I am sure I have never dreamt of the Queen of England because otherwise I would have woke up very frightened !
Usually I don't remember my dreams unless it's something like a tornado chasing me Shocked
Last night I dreamed I was tied to a bed in complete darkness and I heard a lady saying '' I will kill you;r son!'' and then I heard my mom saying '' VLAAAAD!'' and after a few minutes I heard footsteps getting louder and louder and then I wake up.
Man, i can hardly ever remember my dreams. Even in the unlikely event that i wake up and have some recollection of what I dreamed, its gone within a few minutes. I know I had a dream last night that i remembered when i woke up, but i can not remember for the life of me now what it had to do with.
It was a nightmare not dream. Watched by dad get suck out of the basement by a torando. Woke up quick!
dreamed of getting a programmer to work on a project-it looked like oscar award where they announced the winner with all the glam where guests wearing tuxedos and lovely gowns..weird huh . he sort like the number one programmer hehehe...i think i dream this kind of dream coz of still looking for programmers
one of those stupid infomercials of some excercise machine.... i hate when bf puts on the tv when i'm sleeping. crap like that happens
Last night I dreamt that the world was based off of halo. Everyone was running around with snipers, brs and shotguns shooting eachother just to have the other preson "respawn" back in their territory. Man was a pissed when in my dream i kept getting killed by campers with shotguns.. lol.... I think that this dream was supposed to be a sign that I have been playing halo too much and need to get started on working on my webpage on frihost.. Smile
Last night I dreamt I was trying to drive my truck around the campus, but the stickshift kept not working, and the e-brake would only slow me down, not stop the truck. So the thing was slowly reversing through a crowded parking lot and I was trying to steer around all the parked and moving cars. I managed not to crash! Also, my cat was there for some reason.

I've noticed that whenever my truck shows up in my dreams it has a back seat, even though it's supposed to be a two-seater.

Before the whole truck-malfunctioning thing, I was with some friends, family members, and our dog inside one of the buildings celebrating some made-up holiday that seemed loosely related to Christmas and New Year's, rolled up into one and celebrated at the end of January. At one point everybody hid under the tables while a guy dressed as Santa Claus came in and left us presents. Weird.
I always have really weird dreams and I can't seem to remember much of it. Only thing that I remember recently is running around the roofs of buildings only to find a vacant apartment where I went to sleep.
Nothing Smile
I really dream rarely.
i dreamt that a cop pulled me over for a traffic violation and i didn't have my liscence on me... yeah i got my first car recently, i think thats why i dreamt such a thing
i dreamt something more boring.. i dreamt about myself sleeping soundly on my own bed..

haha.. nah.. i love to dream to be swinging from building to building, just like the spiderman, and i could actually feel the adrenaline rush in my veins while im sleeping, kinda thrilling..
I have dreamed that i get chased from ghost or whatever..
Now i still remember it...
So scary the face....
Crying or Very sad Acually it is a nightmare Razz
If i Mentioned it here then every one will blame me on starting a dirty topic Razz So its better to read the others Dreams HAHA
Last night i dreamed i was loved by a beautifull girl

Poorly it was only a dream -_-'
Nightmare! It's a real nightmare, all about online work, Twisted Evil , HELP ME PLEASE! Laughing
Talking to this druggy at some random school...about sports. Random, I know.
Last night I dreamed.

I dreamed of cars.

Of planes.

Of trains and automobiles.

I dreamed of the past.

Of the present.

Of the future.

I dreamed of where mankind has been and where manking will be. I saw space, wars, growth, death, decay, and an infinite future of infinite possibility, where not even the entropy of time and space itself will stop us!

Also, clowns. Well, Angelina Jolie as a clown. I wasn't really complaining.
I think i might dream of the same scene as you've describe just because I read this post. lol

I've once read an article saying that, everyone dreams in every night. And on average, seven dreams are to be expected each night. The reason why we do not feel dreaming or we remember our dreams is because we can have very sound sleep so that we do not feel movements in the shallow level of the cortex. If we do not sleep sound enough, the movements will be perceived and transcript by our brain into dreams. Normally the dreams are things mixed up by what we know and what we think.

Dream is really fantastic, sometimes I just feel i'm looking into the future through me dreams.
I dreamed that my computer blasted off on overload.Lol I hate that Sad
I dreamt of my GF and me had a child and thier parents frocin me to marry her... i was up... haa its a dram thank god.... Very Happy
I dont remember...hehe but iam going to sleep right now, and i hope to dream some crazy thing to post here tomorow...
I remember one day, i had a dream where i was having a dream... get it? that was cool, and i cant forget...

Good night and good dreams
Vladalf wrote:
Last night I dreamed I was tied to a bed in complete darkness and I heard a lady saying '' I will kill you;r son!'' and then I heard my mom saying '' VLAAAAD!'' and after a few minutes I heard footsteps getting louder and louder and then I wake up.

if i had this dream i wouldnt colse my eyes for about a week or two. lol
I dreamed that I didn't have to get up for school this morning. When I woke up, I told myself to keep dreaming. Didn't work though lol.
I was in kind of party, and dreamt of having fried cobra (snake). yuk that was awful. has anyone tried snake before?
I can't remember anymore.
I dreamed about alien... Rolling Eyes
Last night my dream is about me and my officemates are going a ride for an ice cream. as we arrived in the ice cream store, all the ice cream are like rejects, not suitable to be eaten. So we decided to leave and then i woke up.
Yesterday i dreamt of performing in a live music show on stage.....Maybe my craze for music made me see like that....Anyways it was a nice one...I enjoyed seeing it...
I don’t remember what I was dreaming about. All I know that there were so many people I met in my life, even some people I sow on TV… they were all there and changing their faces… it is strange feeling, when you dream that you are entering in a room, when you et into it you are on a completely different place. I don’t like when I dream that I’m running but never manage to run away because your legs become so weighty… Sometimes it’s so scary when the things you dream feel so real and when you wake up you can’t forget it, like all those thing really happened to you… Fortunately it doesn’t happen often to me.
I dream a lott but always my thoughts fade out, well I don't know about last night but I think a few days ago I dreamt that I was goint to andaman and nicobar iceland with my friends by an aeroplane. We were over the icelands in air when suddenly our plane got technical failure. The We took parachoots and jumped out from the plane. We were in air and still gossiping(gosh!! dreams can be so unrealistic).

Meanwhile we hit the ground and the view was terrific, it was deep bly sea and sky both creating a serenic beauty. Then after that we played there and lived in the jungle, we fired up bonfires make rafts, etc etc.

So basically to shell it up it was an adventures dream.
I dreamed about...well, I was at college, but a very different version of my college. It looked exactly the same as a Costco store. And the dean was at a checkout, and he said something like, "You're out, mothaf**ka"
I can't seem to remember what I dreamed last night. Also, to everyone that says they didn't dream last night: you always dream if you sleep for about longer than an hour and a half, your mind just doesn't see it as important and forgets about it when you wake up. Unless you don't sleep at all, you still dream.
Very Happy Nothing ,but I hope I have a good dream tonight! Laughing
I can never really remember my dreams for some reason Sad
I feel so left out - I hardly ever remember my dreams - note whoever said they don't dream - not true - everybody dreams unless they didn't actually sleep - you just don't remember your dream.

To the person who dreamt of the good looking queen - i wouldn't be disturbed by it (I assume you're talking about ER not george michael - then I WOULD be disturbed)...

The queen was good looking at the coronation (she was only 26) not drop dead gorgeous by any means - but still pretty reasonable nonetheless - NOt surprrising to dream of a good looking queen - many pictures of hte queen you see (in traditional pubs and official places) are actually of that vintage - this was probably what inspired it.
meet in rio
I dreamt that my dad wasn't really my father at all, and that my biological father was a transvestite prostitute. I went to a geography lecture (I haven't studied geography in about seven years) and then met up with my 'real father' for drinks.

I have watched far too much Pedro Almodóvar.
ive had a lot of very weird dreams in my time.
1) I look at my skateboard and it has no wheels. Then i look up and tim allen is standing next to me and says "pick up your soap timmy"

2) i dont know if you have ever seen SCRUBS but i see the gut 'turk' getting it on with that fat chick. then i woke up,. Embarassed Shocked yah weird.
Today in class I was asleep =P

I was dreaming...something...what was it...?
I always see my girlfriend at my dreams Very Happy
I was lucky enough to have a low level lucid dream.
but i woke up too soon. i got through my mirror in my room and i saw something big and dark and it scared me so i woke up.
I dreamed many different things last night. One of the dreams included me becoming a professional baseball player with my dad, but I sucked. I don't even like baseball.
Last night I dreamed that I was this old woman, looking back on my life, and I was so sad. I was just full of all this emptiness and regret.

I would say it was an awful dream, but when I woke up and realized I'm still in my 20's and my entire life is one long opportunity to sidestep regret at an old age, and I was nothing but grateful.

that almost sounds like a misguided after school special but it's totally true.
I dreamt last night that I was in a war with a 4 person tacticle squad and I was the leader. We were on a mission to stealthly ilfratrate an enemy stronghold and get ahold of an enemie's codebook for the enigma...(yea i know old tech.. lol). Thing was that we had modern weaponry and here we were looking for a piece of equipment's codebooks that went absolete atthe end of WW2. I was whispering commands to my buddies.. go there, target him first.... lol.

In the end we got ahold of the codebook, but the enemy (who became the Germans) found out about the infiltration as we sort of left a heft mass of dead bodies, and they changed their codes! lol
last night I dreamed (this is so weird) that the fictional author of the carebears from the 1940s, her opus about a woman who saves a community of rats from destruction. The leader of the rats was a sandy blond color, and the woman named him Adam. Adam died at some point...and some of the rats were gay...
Last night was pretty odd, for one thing I kept going into restraunts and intentionally trying to annoy them by putting a matress down with duvet and pillows, sleeping there. Later I'm just sitting there sleeping on the sofa (as I was) and my phone gets a text - it's one of my ex-girlfriends from ages ago asking me to come over, I'm like "What the hell" then wake up. Nothing particually interesting.
last night's was something about being a man, and I think I was in love with someone.
I dreamed of my ex-gf last night.... it's been a long time to see her.. Laughing
Last night, I was like a synchronized swimmer...I guess that's the closest approximation. I competed on my college team with other teams in my league. Only, instead of actually swimming, everything happened in a foot of water, and we did most of it almost like gymnasts...supporting ourselves on our hands and standing on our heads, with our legs in the air making graceful shapes with our bodies. It took total coordination and balance, and incredible upper body strength. It looked like a sissy sport but everybody who did it was hardcore:) And anyway, there was this chick on my team. She was demented. She was trying to take out all her other team members so she could get the glory for herself. She attacked me in my dorm, and we fought in hand to hand combat. I was tough and I messed her up pretty bad. I actually bit off a part of her face. It wasn't the first time I've bitten off a part of a pursuer's body in a dream, although it's been a while. I left her on the floor and ran outside, but she followed and that's when I woke up.
My dream consisted of me visiting my boyfriend.

He had told me to bring along nice clothes. Since it was a weekend visit, I had thought that we were going to church, so I didn't question it. when I got there on friday everything was normal, except he asked to borrow one of the rings I wear while he went into a jewelry store.

I didn't think anything of it - he's known to get me random rings just for the fun of it, such as a ring to match my eyes, or a ring to go with a particular dress, or something to match my favorite bracelett. (SP?)

He got back in the car and handed me the ring, then we drove home and he asked me to get into the nice clothes I had brought. He changed, got all spiffed up, and so did I. we got back in his Tahoe and he drove me to Red Lobster. While we were waiting for our food he said "Can I ask you something?"
me > "What is it, love?"
him > *gets on one knee* "will you marry me?"

at that EXACT moment a waiter spilled alcohol (which he detests) all over him. I cracked up, got on my knees with him, held him close and said yes over and over again. ^_^ He pulled out this ring... and just as he slipped it on my finger I woke up. :'(
last night's dream...I was on an island with my family and our old dog who died years ago. We walked into a gift shop but there was another dog in the store. While we were looking at trinkets, my dog ate food from the other dog's dish. I sent my family out so I could stay behind and pay for the dog food, and when I left the store again, it was dark outside, where before it had been late afternoon/early evening. As I struck out to wander around the island in search of my family, someone was setting off fireworks. Somewhere above me, a commentator (like I was being filmed in some kind of documentary) was going on about how he wondered what the next great catastrophe to befall the island was going to be. I started to feel a great sense of time and space.
Da Rossa
I dreamt about a girl in my college classroom. Veeeery nice!
I joined a women's rugby team. I'm not exactly wild about sports and I don't know a THING about rugby, but there were only two other people on my team so they couldn't bench me. I had to play. I had such a good time! My glasses were flattened on the field, though. I really regretted that...they're great glasses.
Utopia GFR
My dreams are usually very blurry... pretty hard to tell about those but from what I can remember, they generally revolve around introspective issues in which I find inspiration for my creative purposes (e.g in poetry.)

Sometimes i dream about strange premonitions in life... some happen (like meeting a person and telling him or her live, "wow, I dreamed about this situation right now"), some don't... (like imagining you've got your bright now job contract and that your office looks splendid.)

Some flash-backs did occur as well... going back to old childhood memories and wishing you were still there...

Luckily enough, I don't have nightmares anymore.. those are such a pain to deal with when trying to sleep Laughing
i had no dreams
Da Rossa
Currently, I'm strangely having much more dreams than ever. It appers that I dream "significantly" every night, while 2 years ago I only had "rememberable" dreams about once a month. Anyone knows why?
i dreamt of Petrol for 99c AUD a litre as opposed to 155c AUD a litre...WOOHOO. that and my girlfrind in a bikini on a hot summers day. Very Happy
Today I dreamt that I was playing some real life game where you had escape tons of zombies and barricade yourself in different buildings... I blame Resident Evil: UC.
i hate to see dreams what ever it's nice or bad
I was in a type of horror setting. Like everything around me was out to get me type feeling. I was cheating on my wife with an ex-girlfriend and my sister found out about it. So I silenced her from ever telling by drowning her. Her body washed up next to a bank that I was withdrawing cash from and caused a major traffic jam. So I stayed at a hotel next to the bank till everything blew over. I saw two naked barely legal women in a room going at it and they caught me peeping and then a search went out for this peeper. I said that I didn't see which way the peeper went... Anyways, the ex knew it was me and was pissed off. So I ditched her and went with my coworkers to a gun show at a convention center. Whoever invited the robots ought to have their heads examined because they shot up the place. At least the Cajun dinner was good.
I had a real strange dream yesterday...
In my dream I was running arround town and jumping, doing flips (freerunning) when suddenly I jumped of a wall and I flied soooo slow and also really far, like in matrix. And when I was enjoying this flight I looked down and saw that I'm heading straight towards a closed doors of a truck, I tried changing course of my flight but I ended up smashing my face up the damn doors of the truck as I landed, then I've fallen on the ground and woke up...
I have bad dream last night Sad
I rarely remember my dreams. maybe I dream about math.
i dreamt that i am marooned in some island with nuthing but a huge ship load of beers

wat a way to die !!!!!
meet in rio
It was fairly surreal last night.

I'm going to be an au pair in Spain in a few weeks, but I've never met the family. In my dream, the two kids (3 and 5) were not only fluent in English, but were scarily intelligent and argued their way out of everything. They wouldn't listen to a word I said and kept playing in traffic and running out in front of cars.

Then we went into a museum/courthouse and suddenly the male child became a piece of wormy liquorice in an overflowing ziplock bag, so I couldn't tell which piece was him and which was the normal liquorice. He was still arguing with me so I gave the bag to his sister (who had just turned into a friend of mine) and asked her to talk to her brother (the liquorice-bit) and reason with him. Then it turned out that he wasn't in the bag at all, that there were liquorice-bits all over the museum, and that I had no way of telling which was him other than talking to every single one.

Then I woke up, thank goodness.
two nights ago I dreamed my town had been hit by a tornado. After the tornado and the city was in ruins we were trying to hide from something, cant remember what, maybe a serial killer... so weird.
I would say what I dremt of...
but it's not PG13.
I drempt with my girlfriend, wow so beautiful
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