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Settlers VI: Rise of an empire

Here we go again, another part of the legendary game Settlers...
This time part VI, which in my opinnion is the best (if not to count settlers I and settlers II). I guess that previous parts (III, IV, V) were just something of a failed trials and finally when VI-th version came out, it finally was what it was suppoused to be in the beginning.

So Settlers VI kind of resembles Settlers V, but it is so much more and better. Apart from obvious changes such as graphics, better sounds/music, the game went back to the whole gathering/produce gameplay. Or maybe it's just better balanced than in the other settlers games.
The facts are that you don't have to either 100% focus on building your settlement and make it an economic giant, or you don't have to 100% focus on super fast developing your settlement just to raise an army before you get wiped. (Although there are some missions that make you focuse mostly on of these 2 aspects, but even then it's not really that hardcore)

The whole economy thing. I guess it's really great, everything is clear, there are no unpleasant surprises or anything. You won't think in game "Oh, maybe I should build this first, but wait, if I build it, won't I need to build something else too? And what the hell is this building for?" All buildings are divided into cattegories: Gathering buildings, Food producing buildings, Cleaning supplies producing buildings, army buildings, entertaintment etc.
It makes it really fun to just develop your settlement and make it look truly awesome. Because even in fighting missions, there's not much pressure of a complete wipe by the enemy forces.

As for the armies and fighting... I think that this aspect, in every Settlers game was the weakest point. Settlers VI finally changed that and made battles so much easier and smoother. It was simplified to a standard RTS mode, where You can control your troops freely.
Fighting is as much fun as developing your settlement. You can capture territories, use siege engines to destroy walls etc...

Missions are quite interesting, there is some kind of a plot here, so it's not just random missions with no connection. I guess the biggest change would be adding a Knight under your services. Before every mission you get to pick one. Each one has unique abilities usefull in either battle or managing your settlement. F.e one knight can convert enemy battalions to your side (I guess that's the most usefull skill of all). Then ingame, You need to promote the knight to unlock new buildings and needs for your settlers. To do that, You need to meet some requirements like produce 6 leather clothes and have 25 settlers in your village.

Basically missions are something like, you get information that some region with villages has some problems so you are sent there to help out. You do quests, such as deliver materials or kill enemy soldiers etc. etc. It might sound really basic and boring as You have to rebuild your settlement from scratch in every one of 16 missions, but (atleast for me) it was really fun doing it every single time. Because in every mission You face different problems, weather conditions, allies or enemies...
The only problem is, that the game is really easy. 16 missions is enough, but if you rush, you can complete it really quickly. In missions where you need to defeat enemy forces you just create a giant army and then just wipe the enemy out. As for the quest missions, they are a bit more challenging.

Overally I love this game, it's awesome ;] I haven't had so much fun playing Settlers since the part II, I recommend it to all of You, as it is a great game, a little buggy, but still, very classy and sharp ;]
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