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Strange problem with my audio output

I really don't know what is doing this happen, wether it has to do with the drivers, codecs if it is the hardware or what, but I hope someone can help.

The thing is, I hear the sound, but it's at 115% from its normal speed (not twice and a bit faster but only 15%). Somehow it isn't faster...
Let me put it another way just to make it clearer... If I watch a movie, the audio sounds as if it were running at a higher speed, high pitched and not very understandable. However, it isn't going faster and I can tell because it's still synchronized with the video.

My Audio PCI/PnP as Everest shows it: "ATI SB450 - High Definition Audio Controller". If I'm not mistaken, the driver's Realtek.

Please, if someone could help me I would very grateful for it, it's very annoying doing pretty much anything on the computer without proper sound!!!
well honestly i would try and reinstall the drivers for your audio device. If that does not work then you need to try to play the file with another codec. If that does not work, try to download this program called VLC media player. It has a bunch of codecs already installed. try and open the file with that.

What media player are you using to open the file?
actually, it's the same with EVERYTHING which uses audio... I usually use Winamp for listening to music while I work, but I have trouble also when I watch DVDs (Power DVD) or even with MSN sounds or windows' ones... I tried looking for the drivers to download them but I didn't find them... It's "on board" audio, so I'm not really sure if it is a software-related problem or hardware.

Thanks for your help, I'll try the codec thing now, but if anyone else knows about this, specially what may have caused it and how can I solve it, I would very much appreciate the info
did it used to be a problem? has it always been a problem? If not think what happened just before/when the sound started playing up.

I know that you can rollback drivers or something (go to the last good driver) you may what to do that.

Else I suggest looking for the newest driver, re-downloading it and installing it.
I was able to solve it! customer help sent me the cd with the drivers I had lost, I just reinstalled the audio drivers and now it works as it used to!
thank to all for your help Smile
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