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Spending Valentine's Day alone

Will you spend your Valentines day....
by your own?
 50%  [ 6 ]
with friends?
 33%  [ 4 ]
with your sweetheart?
 16%  [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 12

I think Valentine's Day isn't important to me anymore, I could say I've spent it alone during almost all my life, less five years of an old relationship.

For the ones here who are going to spend Valentine without a sweetheart, what will you do for that day? Will you join some friends for a non-couple meeting? will you be home alone? will you do anything special or just pass the day as any other one?

I'll be with some friends, but I prefer not thinking about it like an special day. It used to hurt me before, now I just don't pay attention to it, so it doesn't hurt me much.
I won't do anything special.
It is not a special day where I live anyway.

This thread reminds me of the lovely anti-valentine campaign Laughing

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I will be spending valentines day at my place as I do every year. Haven't got anyone special to spend it with nor the desire to have someone like that just so I could spend Valentines day with her. It's far to commercial for me. The only thing I'm doing on Valentine's day is sending my brother a rose and hoping he will believe some classmate sent it to him Razz.
Same-old, same-old. Another valentines day I'll be alone but so what? Doesn't matter much to me. I don't recognize the day as anything special. Just another merchant's holiday like x-mas or halloween really.
I will spend it like any other normal day. I can't stand pointless, commercial holidays.
valentine's day is just another day...

an excuse to express love..
the fact that we all know that everyday is a loving day..
this year it's a thursday so I'm gonna be at home in front my tv watching LOST!!!

during the day i'll most likely have some stuff to print.

dats it, nothing else for me.
i'll be spending my valentines day with my friends, our school celebrates our university days, so we have no classes for a week. Adn mostly, most of our friends are single, so it will be a single's celebration day...little bit weird but no couples are allowed during our party. And one thing more, valentines day does not mean you have someone special beside you, its how you give your love to other people around you.
I dont have a special someone this year but I think that Ill get together with my single friends and just exchange some gifts among each other Smile

Valentines Day..
I dont think you need a 'special someone' to have fun that day.
Just get together with some friends and just enjoy the friendship you have with them Very Happy

THats what im planning on doing this year =D
This is the first Valentines day ever, that Im actually gonna spend it with someone I love. And even though I wanna puke, because of some of the stuff people do today, all those empty words, promises and gifts, I think its gonna turn out great for me because... I really do mean those words and promises and gifts to my loved one. And its gonna be one wild night Smile
Shot..I and my girl-friend broke together 2 weeks ago...I sent her a nice sms yesterday night (so the night just before valentine's day) and she didn't answer...I guess she didnt understand that I don't wanna be involved romantically anymore with her and that I only want to be normal friends...vause I don't have any in this city and I am new here. I hate that when people don't understand the feelings of others and treat them bad, and I am happy I am not with her anymore cause she is able to treat people like that....this is very very bad...I really think she desevred having suffered before becaise of other only get what you do to others...
with my bf but nothing special planned
I spent valentines day alone. When my boyfriend came home, I was on my way to bed, but he convinced me to stay up. Then he asked me to marry him :) That's the best "lonely" Valentines Day ever :D
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