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Some pictures of my city which I took 2007. Can you guess which country and city? Maybe later I will post more=)

Very nice sights but I cannot guess the names of country and city Very Happy
Beautiful pictures.

Those two panoramic photos look good. I like that soft light. Perhaps, dawn light? Smile
The second photo, in my opinion, needs a small crop, to remove that tree (right).

I saw in the third photo, two ski jumping ramps, probably one for normal hill and the other for large hill. So, my guess would be a country with a winter sports tradition, perhaps Finland, Norway or maybe Germany?

I'm curious. Give us some clues Razz

And, yes, post more if you'll like.
Legion you are quite right about everything=) Today I want to send some black and white pictures. It's still year 2007 because there was not any good dawns yet.

Very nice images, the second image on the first post is very nice with the water and colorful clouds.

The second set of images are very nice in black and white and the gazebo picture looks very nice in Black and White. Looks like a big lake. Very Happy
First photo from your second set is in my opinion the best. I like that tree so much. Looks pretty weird. A lot of mystery surrounding it Laughing . This photo is similar to some cd covers I saw from various black metal bands.

Ok, so where you live? Cool
Thanks for nice comments=) I live in Kuopio Finland.
hpphkl wrote:
I live in Kuopio Finland.

Wow. This is so cool Cool .

I knew that I saw the tower somewhere, but I didn't remembered Laughing . Are you going to see the ski jumping competition next week? Smile
Nope. I perfer to do instead of watching so I will go to ski=) maybe this question is in wrong forum but does anyone know about tiny camera tripod which you could easily attach to bike or stick and take away?
are you a member of any organization in photography? i suggest you join one to hone your talents. it's the place where your get constructive criticisms that will make you a better photographer. also ask them so that you can join photo shoot sessions. it's also good if you submit your work to international organization about photography..

Nice pics mann...Keep posting more and more...!!! Laughing Cool Laughing

Waiting for more...
I'm not member of any photo organization. Perhaps one day I will be in some but not in near future because I have too much of work=) Thanks for advises dac_nip, I will put them behind my ear and think about. Let me show how I have begun my hobby. Here is my first panoramic view and it’s from Mikkeli 2004. I started to work with panoramic pictures because I felt there weren’t enough pixels in my 2mp pocket camera. And extra two pictures hmm I'm not satisfied but still they are nice. Castle is from Savonlinna and sunset in Kuopio.

Nice photos,

you live in a nice city else....
I like the third photo. Beautiful sunset you've captured there. Great colors.

That red is so ... Shocked

I really like the third image on your latest post.

The sunset is beautiful and I like the panoramic image. Very Happy

The castle image is nice also and the first image makes me with it wasn't snowy right now, that water looks so blue.
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