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Business Cards

how can i get some free business cards on the internet. there used to be one website but they have now shut down. is there anymore, because i find business cards are the best way to market a website.
I can't actually help you sorry. I'm amazed that Frihost has no free stuff forum...

But what I can do is opine: I'd say that business cards would only work for local websites, and are completely pointless for advertising to a global audience, high page rank here is the way forward!
oh yeah deffo. but my business is only local you see. Its for a mobile disco, its not like im going to do a set around the world. So i find business cards are the best way of promoting that for me.
I can reccomend you on a very nice website where you can order free business cards.
it's, I ordered from them last month and got very nice cards. Try them! Very Happy
Thank you mate, there just one slight problem. is that link correct as it doesnt seem to be working.
I don't know how proffesional these cards are gonna be. Most of the time it is pretty obvious it's just some ordinary template. Just be creative! The effect of the card gets stronger as well, and the reciever might not file it without looking at it...
bogger is what he meant to say. I don't really know much about this though
Business card works like an identity and are useful when a crowd of people meet and do not have too much time to know each other. It acts like a clue to remember each other in later time. However, I don't see the point why a business card could actively improve the marketing role for a website. Any further explanation?
"Market" might not be the best word, and I think there's some confusion here regarding whether it's the WEBSITE being marketed, or the website is a TOOL for providing information about a business.

Is the website used to appeal to a market? Do you provide a value-added good or service? Do you (need to) network on a regular basis?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then you're going to want cards that introduce you and yourself to other people at mixers and other functions. You do not want to ask a potential client or partner to memorize your name, URL, and occupation.

So in this case a business card could, if paired with a press kit & recorded performance, be a useful component in a much larger marketing package or presentation. Once I get a good start with my discography--hopefully by the end of this year--I'm definitely planning on getting cards.

And the bottom line is they are cheap enough that there's no reason for you not to have them. A card is the physical equivalent of a MySpace Music page: everyone has one, it isn't going to be the most effective way of reaching new listeners or collaborators, it shouldn't be the focus of your promotional strategy, but you might as well set up a nice, professional looking one.
Why get businees card designer software, create your own unique design and print a sheet of them as needed? While you are doing, make use of both sides of the card. Plenty of free software out there. I use one from Avery.
bogger wrote: is what he meant to say. I don't really know much about this though

Thanks for the link. I'll try it.


OOPS... Shipping charges to my country is very high. (I can print 2000 cards for the shipping charges for 250 free cards!?)
ah right, well, usually helps if you tell us where you live, if it's a factor, I assume "in galaxy..." had no shipping charges related to it.

It is also an idea to design your own, and to just get them printed en masse off your own printer, costs would be the special paper and ink, no shipping Smile
Cant remember the name of the website, but my mum orded like 500 business cards, and they were very well made, and very cheap. Highly recommended, just make sure you choose the right company.
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