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KDE 4.0.1 Is Now Available

The first bugfix edition of KDE4 was released out in the wild, yesterday, as the KDE Community announced.

KDE 4.0.1 brings you a lot of stability and performance improvements and many updated translations for most of its components. It is already translated into 48 languages and more are coming soon.

We all know the problems with the shared components used by the applications. Many of these issues got fixed, and your life will be much easier. You will notice that there are a lot of bugfixes in KHTML, Konqueror's HTML rendering engine.

The next edition from the KDE 4.0 branch, KDE 4.0.2, will be released at the beginning of March, including more updates and bugfixes. This summer, KDE 4.1 will be available and will be based on Qt 4.4 with all its performance and functionality improvements. Rawhide - the unstable version of Fedora - is one of the distributions that already have KDE 4.0.1.

In two weeks, on 19th February, you might update to KDE 3.5.9, if you prefer the more stable KDE 3.5 branch. One of its key updates will be an improved KDE-PIM, Kommander and Quanta Plus.

Here are some of the changes in KDE 4.0.1:


  • Fix crash in KAboutApplicationDialog when the constructor was called with aboutData == 0.
  • Open correct help pages from KConfigDialog.
  • Prevent crash in KBugReport.


  • Fixed Ctrl-A in Konqueror location bar.
  • Fixed regression in key codes on keydown/keyup events.
  • Fixed improper exception raising in removeAttribute.
  • Support onload events on script elements; needed for jQuery.
  • If a frame is an IFrame, always embed its content, do not show a "save or embed dialog". Prevents multiple dialogs from popping up when visiting
  • Multiple fixes to DOM2 traversal (TreeWalker, NodeIterator and NodeFilter). It is now advertised as a supported feature by hasFeature.


  • Add new entry at the end of the list and return the correct item.
  • Return 1 when textbox got closed with close button or ESC.

Download : KDE 4.01
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