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Weird sleep thing

Last night I had a few friends over so we crashed in my living room as usual. Weird thing happened that I have never experienced before. I had gone to sleep because I was really tired from the day as a whole. My mate was stumbling about because he was drunk and accidently fell slightly onto me. I woke up suddenly and he's going "What the hell?" and it turns out I've hit him on the nose purely out of instinct, in fact my fist hitting his face was what woke me up! It was a proper hard punch and hurt him pretty badly, he says "Don't worry about it" after I explained it's just really lucky we are good friends to be honest but I still feel really bad about it. Bare in mind I haven't been in a fist fight for like 4 years, and that was the only fight I've ever been in. I'm not violent by nature, and I don't have the build for fights LOL.

Anyone got any theories on this? I reckon it was some kind of instinct thing. For some reason my alcohol infested brain went into self-defence mode accidently?

Either way I'm still pretty messed up about this today, I want to make it very clear: I don't do fighting ever!
Don't worry about it, you didn't mean to hurt your friend, and yep it's got to be an instinct thing when the boundaries between "real" and dreams are pretty blurred!
I've been a sleepwalker most of my life waking up in different places than I went to bed, under the dining table, back garden etc, so believe me I understand.
Perhaps look at it as a good thing anyway, at least you know your subconscious brain is still looking out for you!
Reflexes and defence mechanisms are pretty quick. One time, back in school, as I sat at one of the computer terminals, a girl I knew decided to surprise me by creeping up on a rolling, office chair, crouching down low, then poking me in each side with her fingers. Before I even knew what was happening, my arms had, by reflex, move straight back from the keyboard, hitting her squarely in each side of the jaw with my elbows (remember: she was crouching down on the chair). Needless to say, she decided it was best not to try to surprise me that way any more. LOL!
I have had similar, however less physical situations where instinctively I've thrown my head back when someone has come up behind me and hit them in the face with the back of my head. Only happened in high school and stuff when we used to beat each other up for fun. I'd say its nothing to be worried about and so long as your friend isn't planning revenge however much in jest, you'll forget all about it and laugh about it one day!
What was your last thought before you fell to sleep? If I have something bad in my subconscious I might be violent when I sleep. I have hit many of my friends and even girlfriend but it has never caused problems. People usually understand it well. Once I was pretty angry for my friend and we were sleeping in same tent. He told me that middle of night I just rise to sit and start to beat heck out of him. Suddenly I just stopped it and lay down and I can't remember anything about it. It must be the evil side of me because I'm not violent Twisted Evil
I've answered questions completely unconcious before, which really annoys me because then I woke up and disagreed with what I had said, dagnabbit.
haha, ive been known to be awake um.. in my sleep lol, but nothing beats a friend of mine, she was left germany when she was only a baby, and she didnt know the language, except she would often talk in her sleep, in fluent german!

Its very crazy, and scary too, lets just say she is an old friend now... but thats gotta be some proof that there is much more to sleeping/dreaming than we know about! I mean cmon.. how else can you speak a language you dont know?

beware of you dreams! lol
Well it was your spinal cord at work!!

It control all your involuntary actions. The self-defence is one the things which are of so high priority that even before reaching your brain, its response is ready in spinal cord.

It is the same thing which causes you to quickly withdraw your hand if you touch something very hot.
I've done the hitting people thing too, where I just reacted and ended up smacking someone.

It's usually not that hard though, guess my sleeping body just doesn't have much strength in it. Smile

One thing I used to do though was sleep like a rock (still do that part heh), but I would only wake up to the sound of someone calling my name. It would always freak out my brother and sister, because my eyes would just snap open, all bright red. And then I wouldn't remember it happening the next day.

They liked to say I was evil... one way to keep some siblings in line. Cool
ive never done this.before sleeping i used to recall all the thing that ive done that day n...boom..i fell sleep
hmm that sounds weird... what was he doing to you to activate the reaction to defend yourself?
maybe he was trying to reach out for ur pants, but ur sub con reacted pretty well i supposed..
Heh, you should hear some of the things that happen at basic training: It messes with people's minds.
These are all things I've found out about at 1st or 2nd hand while I was there:

* A student leader sits up in bed in the middle of the night, and starts shouting "EVERYBODY GET UP NOW! GET UP! GET UP!" After about half the people wake up, he lays back down. He was asleep the entire time, and does not remember doing this.

* The dorm chief is heard saying "Sir, trainee Koster reports as orderd" while asleep.

* A trainee gets up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, walks the wrong way, opens the fire escape door, walks out and says "Oh ****, trees!" before realizing he was going the wrong way.

*While night time dorm inspections are going on, one trainee says in his sleep "what time is it?" the sergeant doing the inspection replies "go to sleep." The trainee again says "what time is it?", and the inspector again tells him to go to sleep. This happens one more time, and after the sergeant tells him to go to sleep, he replies, "f*** you!" and lays back down. The sergeant was outraged, but when he woke the trainee up, the trainee didn't remember it at all, he was asleep the whole time.

*There was even one case of a person sleepwalking through an entire nighttime dorm guard shift.

You'd be amazed what people can do while fast asleep, especially when under the influence, as as in basic, when sleep deprived and psychologically abused.
Wow, weird stuff.

also, psychedelic Mushrooms = awake + asleep at same time lol
Who was it who said something about alcohol removing the veneer of civilisation from people?
Yes, I've been reported saying weird stuff in my sleep - names I don't even know followed by "For f*** sake!". It would be fine but twice it's been names I have no relation to in my mind whatsoever.
woah that's weird. I haven't ever had that happen but your subconscious probably had something to do with it. that long with a reflex. possibly
Reflexes are a tool that god gave us for our own survival. I wouldn't fret, you cant control your reflexes. If it wasn't your frind and some other guy was bumping into you, would you rather lie their motionless or be hitting them while waking up?
That is crazy! It must be some sort of subconcious reaction that is taking place! So odd, and I wonder how the details of the event are. IF you care to share more information, I am quite interested to hear that. Please do Smile
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