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Deal or No Deal

Yesterday my daughter asked me why i'm still using a CRT Monitor and why I had not purchased a nice flat TFT LCD Monitor. My answer was simply because I like the colours and detail on a CRT compared to a TFT. But I have just re-decorated my living room and sold my old computer desk because it was far to big for my future plans. And im in the process of buying a smaller desk for the living room to save space. And in doing this my plan was to also buy a TFT Monitor as it will fill my needs in reducing space.

I had also recently come off Sky and switched over to Virgin media. The switch was down to weather conditions effecting sky's broadcast at times, which would cheese me off sometimes. Hence the switch. My daughters plans were to go back on sky but her sky box had broken. So she asked if she could have mine. I said she could borrow it, just in case I decided to go back with sky in the future. On this day she had also bought herself a brand new Toshiba Laptop, and was and was gonna sell off her old desktop PC, to which last year she bought a brand new Xerox XM3 19 inch TFT Monitor for it. She was that pleased with her new laptop she offered me a straight swap my Sky box (to which I got incidentally free when I joined sky) for he Xerox monitor which also had another 2 years gaurantee on it as she paid for the extra cover on it.

Well what could I say apart from either keep this...

or swap for this...

Deal or No Deal?
Well I accepted the deal. And we both got something that we needed in doing so.
How do it work out for you?
Well it worked out well for me. The TFT monitor gave me more space on my desk and the picture quality is just great, and being a widescreen is a bonus. So im really pleased with the deal, and will be surfing with my PC now looking more up to date, rather than having that old bulky CRT monitor.
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